Throwing in the towel


Mar 18, 2006
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Savannah Vixen Marie
Welcome Back Avid Blog Readers,

Tonight has been most frustrating… I attempted to file my taxes online, got all of the way through it and was asked for information from last years taxes to verify that I am who I say I am… Yeah I don’t have anything but an email confirmation that it was received. I didn’t have a printer last year to print up a copy for myself, I efiled and got a pdf copy, which was all well and good, except that my computer crashed a few months ago and all was lost in the great black hole.
So long story short, I figured for as little as I’m getting I’ll print up a copy this time while I can and mail in the returns and wait for my piddly checks to come in the mail.

Over the weekend not only was this website and the forum created but I also wrote a 10 page article I hope many people will find useful. I already submitted it to an online website to see if they would be interested in publishing it for the world to see, but I’m not holding my breath.

I did attempt to post it here, but the images would not show up
so I thought I would out smart my computer and post in on the forum, hoping the pictures would show there… nope. I was advise to up load the pictures in the gallery on the forum then they should show up in the right places… nope. Then I thought I could paste a link to my document and that will show the final product…. nope … So I give up:p for tonight anyway.

The article is still posted in the forum under the Creative Corner, but at least the short videos should work… I hope.
Oh! For those inquiring minds that want to know, the 10 page article is called “10 Things Every Vehicle Owner Should Know”

I know 10 pages sounds rather dull but really with a few quick videos thrown into the mix it really flows smoothly.
Feel free to leave any comments on the forum