Trading Forum Rules

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Aug 31, 2006

5.1 - Auction Competition
If you have items listed in the Entropia Universe auction system, you are NOT permitted to post a sales thread on EntropiaForum. The purpose of the EntropiaForum Trading section is to facilitate deals not easily accomplished using the existing mechanisms available within Entropia Universe. The EntropiaForum Trading section is NOT provided as a means to circumvent the fees associated with the Entropia Universe auction, nor to compete with the Entropia Universe auction in any way.

5.2 - Trading Thread Maintenance
It is the responsibility of every member to monitor their Trading forum threads, and to respond in a timely manner to other members who submit bids or offers (either within the thread, or via private message). Thread starters should also make a post in their Trading threads indicating if an item is sold or withdrawn, or an auction or sale is cancelled.

5.3 - Trading Procedures
Please try to make your Trading thread rules and procedures simple and clear. While EntropiaForum wishes to give its members flexibility in creating Trading threads, we reserve the right to close or delete any unnecessarily confusing or restrictive Trading threads, based on member feedback.

5.4 - Trading Execution
Any member who routinely fails to follow through on sales or purchases made in the Trading forum risks losing access to this portion of EntropiaForum. If you feel another member has acted unfairly in a Trading thread, or does not honor an agreement finalized in a Trading thread, please contact the Forum Staff explaining the issue, along with a link to the related Trading thread.

5.5 - Trading Thread Abuse
Off-topic posts made in Trading threads are NOT permitted. The only posts permitted in Trading threads are the following:
  • Bids
  • Offers
  • Requests to the thread starter for additional information directly related to item or service offered
  • Requests to the thread starter for additional information regarding the auction/bidding/offer procedure
  • Retraction of a Bid or Offer
  • Threadstarter reply to one of the above
Any posts that do not fit one of the above categories WILL BE DELETED. If you wish to discuss the market value of an item or service, please create a thread in one of the following forums: Items, Price Check or General Economy Discussion, as appropriate. Any member found to frequently ignore or abuse this rule risks permanently losing all posting privileges in the Trading section.

5.6 - Misleading/Inaccurate Sales Threads
Information provided in Trading threads should be kept factual, verifiable and reasonable. This includes information regarding the statistics, qualities or characteristics of an item, past sales, and/or market history. The use of intentionally misleading information or highly debatable, exaggerated or inaccurate claims in Trading threads is NOT permitted, as such claims and comments invite off-topic discussion and violations of Rule 5.5.

5.7 - Trading Currencies
All prices must be expressed in PED (or EFD for EFD auctions). Sales threads or links with prices expressed in real-world currencies are NOT permitted, as this implies a transaction for cash outside of Entropia Universe approved channels, a violation of the EULA.

5.8 - Shops
Any thread relating to items available for purchase in a shop within Entropia Universe should be posted in the Shops subforum, NOT in the Selling subforum. Also, please create only ONE thread for your shop, NOT individual threads for each item available in your shop.
Bumping of Threads

Please take note of the forum rules regarding bumps, and note that bumping by anyone other than the thread starter is not allowed

Forum Rules said:
3.11 - Bumping of Threads
Bumping of threads is only permitted ONCE in any 24 hour period, and only if the thread has been pushed to the second page of a forum (using default viewing settings). This rule applies especially for the Trading forums. Bumping of threads by friends is NOT permitted at any time.
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