Trading: ML-45 for ML-35


Old Alpha
Dec 14, 2005
Trading my Meckel & Loch ML-45 for an ML-35.
Bustle succesfully traded a month ago here, so I thought I'd try some lucky.
Maybe someone wants to cash in their ml35 for a 45 before LG since 45 is better for pk and goes right through infiltrator and eon.

Stats for ML45:
Damage: 110 HP (141HP Dante) (146HP Evil) (160HP Bull TacElite)
Range: 145 m

Attacks: 27 /min
Reload: 2,2 sec
Dmg/sec: 49,5 HP
Power: 7177,5
Max. TT: 300,00 PED
Min. TT: 9,00 PED
Ammo: 24
Decay: 5,000 PEC
Total Uses: 5820
Cost: 29,00 PEC
Dmg/PEC: 3,79 HP
Damage types
Imp: 11 HP
Pen: 99 HP

PM me if interested.