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Mar 18, 2006
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Savannah Vixen Marie
Welcome Back,
This weekend was pretty much like any other weekend. I worked my lame Saturday shift from 8am til 2pm. I figured while I was out and about I should get my laundry and shopping done, so I did just that. That would leave me with Sunday and Monday to do as little as possible.
I did manage to add more content to the forum, I see there are a few new members as well! I’m really excited about that! Now I know that the forum will not have a life all it’s own over night, that it could take a good 6 months before I really see a lot of traffic on a daily basis… But I think it has great potential.

Looks like the cookie recipes are a big hit, which gives me the motivation to dig out my other recipes so I can share them as well. I did make our wedding cake, so maybe I’ll post a picture of that too.
As for my real life… well there is not much that has changed in that area. Still working for the same crummy employer, still getting paid less than I’m worth, still living pay check to pay check, still having a hard time being able to put money away in case something happens… *sigh*

But on the bright side! James is coming down in 2 weeks! Rather, I’m driving the 7 hours up to get him, spending the night and driving the 7 hours back down the next day. Either way we’ll be together for 3 weeks before he takes a Greyhound Bus back to Ottawa. At this point I’ll take what ever time I can get.
I offered to drive up and get him… he’s had too many issues with Greyhound…

His first trip by bus consisted of him leaving Ottawa to go to Montreal, 45 minutes into the trip, the bus gets a flat tire… the passengers were put on another bus after another 45 minutes had passed and the trip continued… They only allow 30 minutes to get through the Border/Customs (which by the way is NEVER long enough when you have a bus full of passengers)… Then from Montreal to White River Junction, no problems there, Oh except that the Bus that was going to Springfield was no longer running and the Bus is now going right passed Springfield (where he needs to get off) to go to Boston…
So yeah, James planned a surprise trip and if all went as planned, he was to arrive here around 7pm…. But instead he was made to take a bus all the way to Boston just to take a Bus back to Springfield… That was just the first incident.

The second greyhound mishap came last winter when he flew down from Calgary, stayed 2 months and booked his bus trip to Ottawa online. All looked good, every thing was confirmed, his credit card was charged, and a week before he’s scheduled to leave, he still has yet to see the tickets in the mail.. So he call and gets a huge run around with the employees… being transferred from here to there… no one being able to answer his questions… Finally, he gets an answer… Seems your credit card was charged, we see where you placed the order online, we sent your tickets to you 2 weeks ago….
DUH!!! That’s what we see too! Now where is the ticket? Oh seems they were sent back because that address was not deliverable. Not deliverable? WTF is that? I have been getting mail here for 2 years and have never heard that term ever! Anyway long story short… We had to drive to Springfield so he could purchase the tickets in person, since we didn’t want another mishap with the mail.

His last trip down, again starting from Ottawa to Montreal(border/customs)… A few passengers from his bus were detained and that held everyone up for an hour (again 30 minutes is obviously too short to get a bus load of people through)… not only that but now a second greyhound bus has broken down and his bus now takes on all of those passengers as well. The trip continues and headed to Albany. James now has 15 minutes to get off the bus, get his luggage, and check in on the bus going to Springfield…. Oh but wait, There isn’t a bus going to Springfield anymore, all of the passengers are going to Boston… but they did make the exception and stop in Springfield to let James off…. but only after the driver asked James for directions…
Good God! What kind of operation are these people running anyways! Seriously, a bus driver that doesn’t know how to get to Springfield from Albany… You’d think with technology being what it is, that each bus would come with a Garmin or a Tom-Tom, ya know a GPS of some sort. Since their routes change like New England weather :p It’s like asking some one from Boston how to get to California… So anyway, I know I rambled on longer than I planned about this whole matter… but you can see why I opted to just pick him up myself. After all the bus trip takes what should be a 7 hour drive and drags it out for 14 hours.

Now to change the subject…As I have mentioned before… I play an online game called Entropia Universe (EU) in which I am the leader of a society called the PE Addicts. Due to recent in activity, ya know with Real Life getting in the way, and lack of funds… a few members have not been as active, which makes things rather dull for those members that still are on all the time.

We felt it was time to get some new active members to help liven things up a bit… So this weekend I made a post on the EF (entropia forum) that we were looking to expand. We have some interest, but no one has applied just yet. So it’s a wait and see sort of thing.

There are hundreds of societies in EU, many are much more strict about accepting members, they set higher goals, or want your skills to be at a certain level before even looking at you… Some societies are just for Hunters, just for Crafters, just for Miners and they too may require that you have certain equipment of skills. Well you get the idea…

But not the PE Addicts! We are here to have fun, and help others and each other. No stipulations, no chain of command, you can come and go as you please, no pressure and no drama.
I have been with this society since day 1 being a co founder myself. We are coming up on our 3 year anniversary in July. I am proud to say that we have a very low turn over rate. We are a small society of 12 member and these guys are like my extended family. Kind of like long lost brothers/friends… that one day I hope to meet them all.

If you knew me in real life, You’d probably never guess that I run a society, as I come across as shy, quiet, reserved… Even though I’m that same person in game, I’m looked up to and respected and they’d do just about anything for me, as I’d do the same for them.

Now that I’m thinking about that a little more… in the sense that when you fill out an application and are sometimes asked if you’ve ever had any kind of experience as a manager/supervisor… I’m sure the potential employer would think your crazy if you answered, Yes, I have 3 years experience running a society with 20 members and we are ranked as #5 in the Top 50 most skilled!

Ok, that’s my que that the melatonin is kicking in and it’s time I wrap this up for tonight.
Thanks again for reading/listening while I vent and ramble on… see you next time.