weapons on helicopters


Apr 13, 2024
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So, the helicopters have weapon slots. What for? I get it with the Quads ... in space, I hear there are Pirates, and it would be good to be able to at least TRY to defend yourself.
I'm pretty sure you can't just strafe mobs and kill them then land and loot them. (That could be cool, but ...)
I've never heard of "Helicopter Dogfights" either in Game or IRL.
Helicopters IRL carry weapons similar to in game.

They're only used in PVP at the moment but even there they're not very good compared to the handheld weapons we have in game now.
Planetside vehicle weapons are only for pvp, against people and other vehicles. There are no scenarios were it would be viable other than for fun between friends (or for petty griefing, if you are evil). No, you can't hunt miners in pvp4 with it because they will be gone long before your rattling bucket of screws gets into a position for attack.

Helicopters can use 3 kinds of weapons, big machine gun for the pilot (attached to vehicle), rocket launcher used by the passenger who seat right behind the pilot (also attached to the vehicle), and there is a gun rack behind the pilot's cabin, a passenger who stands at it can equip one of these "mounted" weapons from their inventory and they will be temporally placed on the rack: one, two, three.