What Floats your Media Boat, At this Very Second :)

The Expanse

First saw this some years ago. I've mostly forgotten it so it's like watching it new :)
Didn't see all the series as it kept jumping from platform to platform. I may have seen some episodes on tv and some on netflix, difficult to remember.

Anyway currently watching on Prime. Where I think it has all the series, so should be able to watch it all this time around.
This series is based on a series of books. Which probably explains why it's in depth and intriguing...

Any worthwhile clip from this series is going to be a spoiler. Which certainly holds true for this clip, so be warned!

What a beautiful love story..I did not expect.

Recently watched this Chinese series and it's seriously good (don't know if there is an adequate English translation though, as I watched it dubbed to my language).

Also watched Chinese version of "Three-Body" and it's also pretty good - if you can deal with the traditional slow pace of Chinese tv series (it's 30 episodes versus Netflix's 8). I have neither read the book nor seen the Netflix series, so can't say anything about the accuracy, but considering that it's based on the chinese book... Also I understand that Netflix one is not finished, if they plan a 2nd season? This one is finished.