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Exciting new features added to EF

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A couple new tools have been added to EF to enhance community building among our members:

Member Activity Info
Which displays a a small meter of each member's activity and longevity on EF.

Member Post Awards
Admins and moderators (and perhaps soon, senior EF members) now have a feature to highlight particularly helpful or infomative posts. See the thread for more info.

Lots of very interesting tools are also coming soon to EF. The EFD Store maintenance is continuing, though the donate, banking and lottery functions are very stable now. More options than ever, with some very cool new additions are on the way very soon.
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  1. Oracle's Avatar
    Two great features 711...really does make EF more fun imho and I like the idea of regular forum feature updates just like with EU vu's
  2. levithanikos's Avatar
    Even more Tools? ..

    Great job 711!
  3. Timbo Witters's Avatar
    Again some nice add-ons for EF

    EF rocks
  4. Paolo's Avatar
    I like the idea of senior members to be able to highlight single posts! GJ!

    Btw, can I have my RoyalBlue, Bold, Italic and WhiteGlowing username back, please?!


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