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  • It`s original Fatboy Slim Music video ,so that dance whas made soly for that vid :)

    ps:could net rep cause the need 2 spreed some rep rule :p
    Mostly due to the collapse in handling the syrian refugee situation in a co-operative way. But we dont have a vote. Just people not satisfied with the situation.
    Was great fun, next year we'll be back :) thanks for your effort in getting it together etc. best of luck mate
    we havn't heard them all yet! ;D beside it was great fun and i think every1 appriciated it.. need any help just ask!
    Heehee, I always get confused on these things LOL
    Hokay, lemmie try get this straight in my nogin
    I go to bed at midnight UTC on Saturday evening
    While asleep the clocks go forward 1 hour
    I have a meeting at 7am UTC
    But the clocks have gone forward 1 hour
    So the meeting is actually at 8am uk time = 7am UTC
    Ah, yes you are right, same sleep duration for the meeting
    OK, back to drinking Beer now, now I have got me head around that LOL

    Thank you for informing me. :)

    I won't be able to come in-game until March 10th/11th, that is when I get back home on land from being out in the ocean. I'll contact you when I'm able to meet you in-game, I'm sure we'll meet up sooner or later.

    Good luck with everything.

    Just a reminder that WoF is around the corner, and we'd love to have you back on support this year. We had such a great turnout last year, and I'm hoping we can do just as well if not better this year :) Any or all help is appreciated reguardless of skill or budget.

    Post a response here in the WoF USA group if you plan on participating again this year.

    The schedule for rounds is here, and the first mob list is posted here.

    Hope to see you on the 13th/14th!

    I actually made it awfull on purpose, have you seen how many visitors I get?? LOL
    Hi Kev!
    Could you let me know at what times you're likely to be online today (if at all) and if possible where you're likely to be? I will do my best to find you if I can get a spare moment to log on, and claim my prize!
    I still can't believe I won something! :wtg:
    Thanks again~ ;)
    My pleasure Larkin, I doubt there was ever a more deserving recipient of some free EFD! ;)
    It was a very nice gesture of Tiger to organise that Debbie so I was happy to do my bit alongside many other EF users to show that, like them, I also care about you :hug:

    I wouldn't do that for many people though so you are honoured! ;)
    Thanks Saphira, not mine friend's brother owns it and I let it out to earn a few peds. ;) You have a good day too! :)
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