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    Fiction - Not Just Another Day

    This is a story I wrote for the now defunct Since that site is gone now, I'm placing it here so others can read it and either enjoy, or laugh at my poor writing skills. (Either result is fine. Practice, practice, practice.) Please keep in mind this story was written long before vehicles existed, but hopefully, it's still relevant

    A moment removed from the fog.

    If you asked me what I was doing earlier that day or after, I couldn't tell you. Funny how our memories hold onto the unique parts, but the rest is forgotten. Lumped in that strange fog called "just another day." But those few seconds are crisp and clear. I have perfect memory of every micro-moment of that event.

    I was mining out in the toxic lands by Akmuul. It's dangerous, but the risks are worth it. "There's PEDs in them thar hills." A bad joke based on a much older bad joke. However, it was true. There were great riches to be had. Of course the fact that you could get robbed of those riches always struck me as ironic. Almost as if someone intended it that way.

    So with great riches comes great risk. The trick is in lowering that risk. The improvements in my fighting equipment and the training & skilling I went through was expensive, but worth it. After my latest armor upgrade, I've been able to hold my own against pretty much anyone who tries to rob me. I don't go looking for fights. If I see anyone, I say hi and continue on. If they attack, I respond in kind, and most often win.

    All of this I've simply lumped in my memory under "just another day." I head out. I mine. I protect my possessions.

    Then one of those rare "unique" parts occurred.

    My HUD showed someone nearby. "just another day."

    I saw them running straight for me. "just another day."

    Then I saw who it was.

    "Ah hell. Ah no." I thought, as I took an initial blast from their Marber. Bloody hell that hurt, even through my beefed up armor.

    I had two choices and escape wasn't one of them. He's quicker and too damn good with those sniper weapons. At least that's what the rumors about him were. Based on how fast he came to me and the damage I just took, they were true. I could simply give up. But my other option, fight back, was more ingrained in my instinct.

    Funny, but in retrospect, the decision to fight back was made in that brief moment between getting hit and healing. A split instant. The action of healing myself and decision to fight seemed to be the exact same thing. Get hit. Fap. Charge!

    OK, let's see if they truly deserve their reputation.

    A feel his second volley right as I unleash my first. Thankfully my shot hit a weak point in their armor. I did excess damage to him. He fapped! That was it! I was a danger to him, and he knew it. The fight was on!

    A quick blast with my rocket launcher and the smoke helps conceal my movement to the side. Charging with Marber lances we reach mid range now. I expect rifle fire as I unleash mine, but instead he shoots once more with the Marber. High damage, but slow. I can survive this easy.

    No, he just wanted me to fap! To stop shooting, so he could get in range. I realize this too late as I see that damned gun pop out.

    Too fast. That gun shoots too fast. And it hurts too. I'm busy fapping. He's got me on pure defense. I'm dead unless...



    Remember your lessons.

    Get the rhythm.

    Get the rhythm.

    I dodge around. One shot only does a little damage, so I decide to ignore it and return fire. He changes his movements, and I follow, shooting.

    The moment I think he's going to fap, I chance a dangerous move. I timed it right and trick his fap into healing me, not him. A quick shot while that happens and I had the upper hand. That didn't last long, but I'm sure I've frustrated him.

    We trade off. Fighting. Fapping. We're even. I'm doing it. I'm holding my own against HIM!

    And then I see it.

    I don't put a scope on my Pk pistol, but I might as well have. It was like in that instant my consciousness zoomed in on his face and I saw, shielded in his helmet, a sight that truly scared me.

    He was smiling. During all this pain and combat, he was actually smiling.

    Then he stopped. I mean he simply stopped running and did the most amazing thing I've ever seen. With one hand, he operated his fap, to heal from my latest shots. With his other, he pulled out...

    Oh hell no! This whole time, he was fighting me with his gun unamped! I was holding my own against a crippled fighter.

    As I watched him slap the amp onto his gun, it was like that action itself was the death blow. I tried to continue fighting, but my killer instinct was just destroyed. After that it was only three or four more shots from him before I died.

    God I hate reviving. While always a blessing, it hurts like hell and always leaves me weak. It also has that mental tug of "You failed."

    I briefly contemplated injecting a quick toxic shot and zooming back out against him. I have nothing to lose now, and maybe, just maybe...

    But then a few meters away I heard that air boom of a teleporter chip in use. He followed me back, laughing. At me, probably. Just another loser.

    "Good fight" he said.

    "Yeah." was all I could muster.

    "Was the most fun I've had in a long while."

    Really? That couldn't be true could it?

    "I never stood a chance."

    "Actually, you did fine. You got some good moves. It's been forever since I've been fap-stole like that."

    It's impossible to not feel better when someone like that compliments you.

    "Thanks. I had a great teacher", I said.

    "And just who do you think taught me?" said a sexy familiar voice by the service center entrance.

    As I saw my Pk teacher standing there with her wicked grin, he moves up to her and...

    Why on Calypso would he share half my stolen loot with her?

    Then she gives half back to me. Stunned that I just got back 25% of my loot, I'm even more stunned at knowing these two have the other 75.

    "I sent him after you." she admits.

    The memory of her asking for my coords came back, being pulled out from the memory fog.


    "Partially as a test, to see just how good you really are. I couldn't come after you, as you would never have had that 'adrenaline rush' from a dangerous, yet unknown opponent."

    I turned to him. "The amp."

    Still smiling he said, "your armor's good, but to be honest... I, meaning we, needed to see how you'd stand up in a long drawn out fight. Like I said, you did pretty good."

    "You could have killed me at any moment."

    "Of course" he said, as if I'd asked a dumb question, and not just stated the obvious.

    "You should have called me for help." She said. "You have to learn to ask for help when you need it."

    "So" I said as I began to comprehend, "this was part test, part lesson?"

    "That's right" she smiled.

    "And the loot?"

    "Well, part test, part lesson, part robbery." She admitted. "Yesterday's run was horrible, and since you've been doing so good lately..."

    Laughing was all I could do. I had been "schooled" in more ways in this one lesson than I could count.

    That was long ago, but no matter what, it will never get lost in that fog of "just another day."

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    Very nice - I like it

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    I enjoyed it too.
    I feel a bit of truth in it.
    It was fun, I could see it all!

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    This was my first time reading this short story, and I like it. It helps to paint a picture of the spirit of PvP4.

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