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    Post Magistrate Ltd. - Sweating Only Society

    Magistrate Ltd. - The Society of Sweaters

    NOTICE: This is from my site

    Welcome to Magistrate Ltd. We are a off-base society from the actual game at the current moment, gathering data and sweat to start this society off on the right foot. There are several steps we need to take care of before we begin as a society, so for right now, I am creating a society on this website. If you would like to join, please Register on this site and we will accept you! Our goal is to make sure that the inexperienced obtain experience and PED also.

    We are establishing group requirement rates to our Treasury that consist of sweat and sweat alone. Since Planet Calypso only Buys/Sells sweat around 1.6-2PED/1000 bottles, there are other planets that offer 3 PED/1000 bottles. This is where most of the profit comes in. You can look at these rates on the Requirement Rates page.

    We are also looking to join any other societies that are looking to branch together to make a system of trading and skill upgrading. Our good friends South Swamp Trading Co. are already looking to support this venture if it becomes a well working society. If you would like to register yours or someone else's society, please visit our Contact page.

    Thank you so much for coming to our site and showing interest in our planning. We hope to see you out in the field!

    If you have any questions or to be recruited, email me at or in-game at Percius Turbofrost McGinnis
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    Post Sweating Social - Looking for Recruitment and Interest

    Website is up and running at


    I am looking for people that chose their profession to be sweating! I would like to call upon all of you to show interest in a society i am looking to create! Skills of any levels are welcome and are encouraged to bring information and experience to the table.

    This is basically what the Society will consist of:

    • Dividends
    • Payment Deposits due each week
    • Support and Assistance
    • Loans and Banks
    • Trusted Staff
    • Loyalty, above all

    If you are interested, please email me @

    Thank you
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    Sweating Social - Looking for Recruitment and Interest


    I am looking for interest in a sweating society that I will be starting in the near future. It will consist of players paying a weekly amount of sweat to the Treasurer, but will acquire shares for each amount members put it. If you would like to learn more about this venture, please email me at


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    Post Magistrate Ltd. - Sweating Only Society

    If you are new to the game and would like to make a career in sweating and trading, than you have come to the right place! We are accepting interest to join our future society and would like to offer support to anyone who would even like to know things about sweating. If you would like to know more about our business and what we plan to do, come visit us at or you can email me at

    We appreciate you coming in here and showing interest. Thank you.
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    There are few problems i see (from point of view as dedicated sweater):
    • you have 5 posts so far (3 in this thread) so obviously you are someones alt account or very new to the game or scammer (i hope it is snd becasue it is only legit option here )
    • the site you posted is not finished yet (or not working properly) - i can just see "Home" tab and there you already refering to "Requirements Rate" page which is non existant atm (i guess it is temp problem)
    • there are people here who would want to stay in their current societies rather than join new one but still are looking for ways of getting rid of their sweat for as much they can. So no need to make special society for this (because not many people will join anyway).
    • if this program is all about donating and then waiting for peds in return after some time then you can see that this way it is really based on trust - and seeing 5 posts does not make you trustworthy person because it says nothing about your reputation. To solve this you would have to define lowest buying rate (i.e. 1.6ped/1k at least... more like 1.8ped/1k wanted) and then when sweat sells for more you could pay back more (based on dividends or wahtever but clearly described exactly "how"). This is mandatory to get even single participant to this program.

    I would try and participate if those problems (espetially 3rd and 4th) were fixed. I have more than 500k sweat left in my storage (all gathered by myself) that curently i am slowly selling (refined) at 1.8-2.0 price (but it seems i get more than i can sell). If i could get lets say 2.2-2.5 for it then obviously i want to participate .


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    Resolving Issues

    Sorry for the massive amount of posts. What happened was I posted a thread, but when I went to go check it the next day, it wasnt there and I just created a new one. It took all the ones I had made that didnt show up and put them into one single thread. Now its not letting me delete these threads.

    The other thing you said about the website not having completed tabs, its because I made it last night and it still has to be published. I literally made everything last night because I had some people interested. We also are looking for new, but professional and dedicated players, so its like a pre-screening process for the website.

    The thing that I am offering is that 50% of the input given to the society is turned around for no less than 2.3/k profit, so then each player gets a certain amount of shares/k they install into the society. This keeps the players obtaining the money that they get, without the hassle of selling, and gives the society a chance to grow. The shares offer higher suggestion rates by the members and the members will decide what to do with the money.

    Also, you say you have 500k all made by yourself? Well, we take our sweat and sell it on other planets (E.G. Cyrene and Arkadia) for a lot more than what Planet Calypso has to offer. Truthfully, the highest I have ever sold my sweat/k here was 2 PED. I mean i do remember when it was 6 PED/k.

    Thank you for showing interest and if you would like, I'll keep you updated with the website. I hope that it is published or I just made a stupid error.

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    Forum Issues and Website Up and Running

    The amount of replies and forum updates that i have made were non-intentional.. They didnt post at first and i was curious why they didnt so i made a couple more. Now that this problem is fixed, we can focus on the main discussion.

    The website is up and running smoothly. I am going to update and add files containing data that will keep a accurate amount of PED that should be in each persons inventory.

    Thanks for the support

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    Attracting New Employees

    So, I have noticed that since I put this post up, people have been looking at the website and going to the Requirement Rates page, but then exiting from there. I would like to know peoples opinions on what I could change or how to benefit the players of the game. There are many different possible ways I could satisfy needs, but I have no clue what they are..

    Please comment here and let me know what you think. Thanks.

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