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  • Hey Serica! Haven't spoken to you in years but just wanted to say Happy Holidays! ( I play infrequesince I remembered your name and saw you are an Admin on the forum now. You were awesome to me when I was a noob and I still appreciate it! Take Care hope to see you in game again sometime.
    Thanks hon, been hectic times indeed! If I had been a lesser noob I would have broken down and cried, but beeing the noob I am I have some rep to maintain, so have kicked some ass and chewed bubblegum now for 3 months to turn a lot of failed projects people caused into winners, all this whilst finding an appartment and arranging for a move to Sweden.

    But all is good!

    Even been thinking about hitting Australia once I manage to get some vaccation time again to scare you guys down there. (Sadly tho, losing 4 weeks of vaccation now when I am moving, getting it in money instead, so will have to re-earn vaccation time).
    I'll PM you when i jump in on Saturday morning if thats not too late. very busy during the week with work and study as i'm on my Prac rotation atm. TTYL

    A Very Merry Christmas to You and the family :)
    Hope you have a great one
    Thanks for the heads up ;)
    Still not really sure what i want to do though.
    I am a finance student who is doing research on socs in EU for my master thesis, and I was wondering if you or someone in your soc would help me by answering some questions

    Hope to hear from you

    Miss master thesis
    Thanks guys - download went well, and I'm ready to log in as soon as servers are up :)
    Hi mom i wanted to say im ready and if any need help refer them to my page it has a link that is verry helpful
    Boo :) hey boss. Hope down loading went well and machine is ready. See ya in game soooooon. All the best, Indica
    HEY SERICA....Iam leaving for good soon... had a post but got deleted... so Thank You!!! TC ... here's the post Thank you!!!
    Merry Christmas!!!
    Best wishes and luck for 2009.
    Hope you have a wonderful time with friends and family.

    All the best

    The Team @ SFE
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