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    Quote Originally Posted by KitsoP View Post
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    This VU killed my graphics.At low settings it gets 130 FPS,at medium 35 FPS and at high and up 20 FPS.So the question is what settings my cheap Radeon RX550 2Gb should have?This game I know has strange software but cant upgrade my laptop and PC everytime MA decides to kick out some of the players.Funny is that I play a lot of other games easy most of them at high and ultra high settings.
    These are the settings I roll with all the time.

    Reset graphics quality to Medium, press apply.
    Advanced settings:
    Render Textures Quality - Leave alone
    Terrain Quality - Lowest
    Anisotropic Filtering - None
    Avatar Quality - Medium
    After this - All Safe Mode (Until Shading)
    Shading - Low
    After this - All Safe Mode

    This is basically safe mode with colour. Enjoy.

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    holly crap Batman my screen actually went into 1600x1200.

    I logged back in after taking a break since Dec 1 because the graphics were horrible for me.
    Dec 28th I logged in and holly crap Batman my screen actually went into 1600x1200.

    I have to apologize really for my lack of faith in the developers during this transition.
    There are many many many things that are soooooooo much better than the last version.
    Really beautiful stuff!!

    Congratulations on over coming so many obstacles and pulling this off!
    I have nothing to say but WOW!!
    I said if you pulled It off, it would grease my wallet up!!
    I bought 20 more moon deeds, (Sorry I don't want a girly robot)
    Have been playing as much as I could for the last month.
    Thank You for proving me wrong.

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    yeah very nice work indeed

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