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    Steam integration + controller support PS4


    Just a controller mapping which is full customizeable by yourself (PS4)

    How it looks like by my own configuration:

    Left analog stick: move (wasd)
    left analog stick press: Autorun (R)
    Right analog stick: avatar camera rotation / in cursor mode: (LB) free camera rotation (hold RT/LT + right analogstick)
    Right analog stick press: change mode to vehicle mode (just for flying vehicles, you can use standard mode for cars)

    directional pad: short cuts for items (2,3,4,5)
    triangle: interact (f)
    square: short cuts for items on circumflex (^) and 1 ( press button will be circumflex, hold the button for a short period for 1, at default there are my heal tools)
    cross: Jump (space)
    circle: Use tool (E)

    Right button:
    press = Switch target (it is F10 by my default settings, just change it)
    hold the button and use the right stick to trigger a ring menu which includes the following setups by my standard settings (= ; 0 ; - ; P ; K ; J ; I ; M ; show steam overlay keyboard; T)

    Left button:
    press = ALT, switch cursor mode
    hold the button and use the left stick to trigger a ring menu which includes the following setups by my standard settings (circumflex (^) ; 1 ; 2 ; 3 ; 4 ; 5 ; NUMPAD * ; NUMPAD /)

    Right trigger: right mouse button
    Left Trigger: left mouse button

    Touchpad right side: sensitive mouse move
    Toucpad left side: mouse wheel

    options button: Escape (menu)
    share button: short cut for map

    In vehicle mode:

    left analog stick: wasd
    right analog stick: joystick mouse
    right analog stick: press to switch back to standard mode
    LB: control (down)
    RT: c (right side move)
    LT: z (left side move)
    RB: space (up)

    How it looks like ingame (i added icons manually, you have to do this too)

    How to integrate entropia to steam:

    You have to choose the clientloader (launcher)

    left bottom corner - add game

    How to configure controller support:

    In BigPicture mode go into entropia menu and press manage shortcut

    open controler options
    activate desktopconfiguration and overlay

    go to controler configuration
    choose search for controller configuration

    go to community and choose "entropia universe ps4 F"

    If you are not able to find the configuration i have it uploaded here:

    copy it to your entropia app, which you can find here
    \Steam\userdata\xxxxx\config\controller_configs\ap ps\xxxxx

    How to start entropia with steamoverlay:

    Open steam
    Open bigpicture mode (top right)
    library and search for entropia, press play and the launcher will be start
    press play in launcher, a message will appear that controler configuration is loaded

    How to change key settings:

    Open steam overlay and go to controler configuration.

    You can change keys to what you want, you can add items to the radial menu, there is no limitation, do what ever you want and what ever you need.

    How can i choose icons for my menu:

    Open controler configuration in big picture mode, go to the radial menu

    open it and have a look to the menu, for example click on Vivi (circumflex)

    Have a look to the right side

    Choose the icon you want

    How can i add icons from entropia like u have it?

    That is a bit more complicated, but here we go

    You can find the steam icons in the following folder
    Steam\tenfoot\resource\images\library\controller\b inding_icons

    icons are 256x256px and transparent, png format

    to create temporary icons you have to create a ingame item icon from what you want
    You can find these icons in
    C:\ProgramData\entropia universe\public_users_data\cache\icon\xxxxxxxx

    The format inside is .tga , so you need a image editor which can handle this format, i use freeware GIMP for that

    If you open it in gimp it looks like this

    You can now scale it up to 256px and save it to the steam icon folder as .png.

    With steamlink or chromecast you can stream it to your 70" TV and play like a couchpotato

    Have fun
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    Thanks for all the info +rep.

    You may want to upload the images on this forum and display them from here, otherwise they may get deleted due to forum rules...

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