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  • Hi Bomb :)
    I hope this holiday finds you happy and safe !
    Enjoy your season ! :hug:

    You aren't a member .. newb !!!
    It's the social group thing that you're in - I know I know .. so many places. :rolleyes:
    I finally got a 'forum forum' for us - easier to access and more organized than that stupid social group.
    we had a family tragedy, recently - will talk to you about it in pm, actually - another tiome - cuz it's 2:30 am and i'm exhausted.
    I'm sorry to hear about your newbass laptop :D
    ttys :D
    You must go here and do this.

    Now. :D
    Double pretty please.

    Hi Bomb. Soooooo ... you're not going to come loot anything for sga ? :(
    LoL - that screenshot.
    Jacker and I decided to demote you all the way to the bottom of the list .. for a laugh - but haven't seen you. :(
    seemed kinda pointless, damn you for ruining our fun !
    LoL - I hope your winter is coming along nicely - we are crazy busy at home, but things are going ok.
    We all loves and misses joo ! :grouphug:
    i hurt my wrist really bad. little talk from dani in text, u mofo's just not worth the effort n pain. lol :D
    hi :nana: g'morning :coffee:
    LoL - k sounds good.
    I was going to be productive .. then I found my friend on EF and decided to have some fun !

    Oh yea and you .. :laugh: :nana: jk !

    I'm gonna go be domestic and all that good stuff ;)
    Sleep well - ttys ! :hug:
    LoL - you got moderated ! :nana:
    There's been so many of these threads lately about me !

    I is loved ! :yay:

    ps - I mentioned you in that 300 k ath thread .. :)
    NO !
    I don't hunt - I'm too newbie. :(
    I'm mining .. and failing ! :cussing:
    I got 2 globals .. but one was exactly 50 ped.
    Nobody was even there to make fun .. HA !
    What's with Rick-Chi's avatar ??
    it's kinda scary lookin'. :eyecrazy:
    oh yea .. and I never thought I'd say it .. but I miss CP. :cry:
    I ate it all, because you took far too long to get here.
    It's not like you're a million miles away .. wtf?!?

    Nom nom nom - I'm going back to bed. :D
    what have I told you about sniffing yourself .. weirdo.
    I don't mind - but if others see you doing it .. it could result in a thread about what a strange dude you are.
    I have to work .. guh :(
    Weerd to ya moms, i came to drop A-Bombs

    Sup man!? CP VU... You and Me... Pioneer from the Armorer... Bunch of dead aliens. Date? I´ll buy flowers.
    bahaha smartass - nice dung comment.
    I hope everything is well with you :)
    I think for the first time ever, I can honestly say "Be glad you left when you did .. it sucks, now." lol
    Everyone says hi from the blue chat and drifter called you a newb! :grouphug:
    HAHAHA so I win !
    Ok ok ok .. I'll add some spaces :

    lol arent you a funny fucker NO youre not im only repping you b ecause i think if i put no spaces in my words itll not only fuck with your eyes but it should mangle up your rep window pretty good haha fucker alright for realz im going to bed i hope this fucked up your rep window lolololol byyyeee

    LOL it was like 2 am and I think I used the f word a lot more than I should have.
    Hope I didn't offend your mormon eyes!
    /end douchebaggery.
    oh you have to see the thread to which he refers in that thread you're looking at.

    And the post that started it all .. :laugh:
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