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  • cant say i don't miss hanging with you :(...anyways 18th b-day is in a couple of days so it's perfectly legal now ;) just send me ur address and i'll be on my way.
    I am a finance student writing my master thesis, about EU. i am writing about socs, i would like to interview some of the members of the soc, and i was wondering if you think that you or a member of your soc would want to help me by answering some questions.

    hope to hear from you

    miss master thesis

    Just a reminder that WoF is around the corner, and we need as many people as possible to help Team USA claim the title. Hunters of all skill levels, budget, and available time for the events are all welcome, and appreciated. It's a lot of fun, and a great way to meet people who you otherwise wouldn't have gotten a chance to know.

    You can join the WoF USA usergroup here. Thanks to some dedicated members there is some really useful WoF information in here :)

    We hope to see you there, and feel free to PM me with any questions.

    Sorrrry its taken sooo long to reply !!

    I am great :D .. and i wouldent shoot you even if i caught you ;)

    You goood?
    Or, how to get people to join? (The less weapons melee to chose from, the harder it will be for people to join, i for example cant join when it is only fists)
    Not yet registered honey , I'm not sure if there is a WoF hunt at the same time for my team so I'm careful not to double book.
    I did stash some of my favourite claws so if I can attend be prepared for me ;)
    ah ah ah ok ok ok. i am so tired nowdays, i havent been online much the last week.
    Ohye, when u get in touch with sam again, let me know so he arrived saftly to the outpost and didnt get killed, and if he has any problems with getting back to zeus.
    Welcome to your new social group: USA in EU. Not sure when you joined (is there a way to do that?), but welcome....
    HeeHoo Miss :girl:

    thats a funny thread , isn't it?
    But I think those who say we are in trouble if only real females have female avatars are damn right.

    Take Care
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