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  • As far as anyone would still read this page. this forum avatar is dead as in permadead. now try to figure out what my new forum ava is. Hint: who wrote this message :rolleyes:
    I wasted too much time listening to complete braindeads in here. I wish I spend that time ingame instead really.
    I'll never log into here again.
    screw you all :)
    Fear and tremble, I'm back after a short break.
    Seems I missed a low loot period, ah well, worse things have happened.
    still hunting if you're asking, always hunting, predator I am.
    I'dd stopped posting (in forum), I still come on-line to view some threads to keep up with the EU news; for for the rest, I don't feel like posting anymore.
    Maybe it's apathy caused by the idiocy (not ment at anyone in particular), or maybe it's the uselessness.
    I don't really care anymore.
    If you want to ask me something, just PM or add me to FL ingame
    well i just read the Tremere and the Gangrel Novel and i liked them but the game well the second one isnt too bad either
    thx onyx, and gratz to be the first to message here :). I personally bless your loot with my bitchcraft. You'll get a nice fate HoF for sure ;)
    *Bless onyx oZ Zombie*
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