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  • Happy New Year Xaby!
    Hey! Ofc, you may not know who I am, so, yeah. It is just your name. Badgers an animal, yeah, but there was this song on Youtube that I remember that I can't take that song outa my head; I just, for some insane reason, keep replaying the song over and over again. Sorry, it may stick in your mind, too, so here it goes [click smiley]: :eek:
    Happy bday to yoooooooou, happy bday to yooooooou, happy bday dear Xaaaaaaaaaby, happy bday to yoooooooooou!!
    :wave: Thanks for visiting my profile page :) Come back anytime :silly2: I like the color scheme you've got going here :cool:
    hope everything is ok :) ive been on vacation to the beach for a week.. talk to u soon xaby!
    yeaaaah right, dream on! wooohooo 306! ah wait, that was me visiting twice :D mwhahaha
    only got online again this week and not on for very long...was at the post wof party for a bit last night... will get to it from sunday night./afternoon (going to a fet club in glasgow this eve).. the good news is my new pc has arrived.. quadcore intel core 2 quad q6600 and nvidia geforce 8800 graphics card.. so im all set for cryengine time . also new location/isp seems to have solved (fingers crossed) my conn probs ...yeeeee haaaa.. ok see ya Sunday...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxmmmmmwahhh Silva
    xabyyyyy, hows u? didnt talk much lately, u ok? how are those crazy parties going? :D
    Nice to see you put some effort into your profile homeboy, or should I say foo'? :silly2: ;) :laugh:
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