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    Announcing Monria website

    The website is targeted to attract new players, but what about the moon itself. Is it more catered to starting/low level players or to the more experienced? Btw as a suggestion, an interactive map which shows creatures and their levels would be a great addition to any planet partner site. Same...
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    Newbie fresh out the Tube

    Welcome to EU. If you are looking for a newby friendly society, I can recommend The Knights of Entropia. It is one of thg larger societies ingame and the people are always willing to help out. Pretty sure there will be mentors avnlable there too, however since I just recently joined I dont...
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    More black screenies :(

    I started googling a bit and finally found the solution for me. I changed the settings in the client loader to disable desktop composition. Now when I play in windowed mode, the screenshots are perfect. (BTW I use EL to grab the screenshots)
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    More black screenies :(

    I tried all listed operating systems there. Both with "run this program as an administrator", but can't seem to find a way to ungrey the options. Operating system is Win 7 Any ideas?
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    Question: The Low-Mob Mission Run! Weapon help?

    Absolutely true, however ARS and Chon are probably not sufficient in DPS for many of these mobs. For argonauts and such id like to have about 15 dps otherwise the armor decay gets to be pretty high. Maybe a xent tech x3 for the higher hp mobs?
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    Question: Eco, eco, eco fact or fiction?

    I simpy believe that it works like a slot machine. In a casino all slot machines are connected. They have a payout ratio, which simply means that from every dollar that is pu in, 90% is paid again. All the slotmachines do, is take 10% off for the casino and redistribute the wealth. So the...
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    Info: Completely boring and totally unnecessary stream by O2

    Aah yeah that is probably it. Thats too bad, that feature isnt too reliable for me since i use a tagger and finisher.
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    Info: Completely boring and totally unnecessary stream by O2

    Hey mate, Quick question, how do you show that dmg/pec and dps in the lower right of your screen? Good luck hunting
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    Info: DO NOT GO INTO SPACE. It's currently bugged

    I think you could also try to PM Joakim on these forums. He has helped several people by relocating them
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    Suggestion: Take the game offline until it is fixed

    Isnt the decision to play or not play, a decision everyone should make for themselves? Not all players disconnect or have trouble. MA is not forcing you to play or to cycle PED's, they simply give you the opportunity. I don't think this hurts the game in any way in the long run. Of course...
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    Entropia Universe Update

    I know there is several games that employ test-servers, but I dont know if this would actually work for EU. I doubt we have enough players to populate the regular game and a test server. So populating a testserver would negatively impact the gaming experience for the rst of the population...
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    Info: DO NOT GO INTO SPACE. It's currently bugged

    Great, that means i will be stuck on RT even longer
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    Looking for an active and larger society

    Very much thank you all for your help. Will be looking into the sociesties you have suggested tomorrow. Someone asked for my timezone, I live in the netherlands so that would be MA time + 2 i believe. Again thank you all for your suggestions.
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    Looking for an active and larger society

    Hello there, I usually play during the day and am in Europe. I hunt smaller mobs and have recently returned to playing EU after 8 years absense. Even though I like my mentor and the people in my current society, i am looking for more people to talk with during the times i play. I still have...
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    Mentor/Discipleship Bugged

    Hmm the adjusted musca seems to be slightly better and a whole lot better looking. I might have to take a trip to arkadia