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  • What can I say, love the orcs and the W3 orc avatar pic is just, well, superb! :) thanks for rep :)
    you said you changed the tutorial but when I read it you forgot to change the opalo name.

    And I also agree with "the real ;)" BlackHawk on the subject too, but as we all know every word they say gets interpreted in many ways and not always good or correct ones :)
    (they should profit for making a real tutorial available on their webpage tho I think)

    PS. blackhawk always make me think of Chicago blackhawks :)
    I don't plan to read, post or comment on any tutorials from now on. In my opinion, writing and commenting tutorials is MA job, and they are free to do it or not. You can teach people to shoot the sky and hope for loot for all I care.
    As long as you use the name and you never try to pose as me, I have no problem with that. Have fun on the forum. I don't own all names similar with mine.
    All I want is to be clear for anyone that we are different people. Ofc, I care more about this in trading section of the forum.

    You are not Black Hawk Hawk. Your avatar name is not even close to that. I wonder why you decided to use that name on forum. Most people associate blackhawk forum name with me, and since you started a thread with advices and all, is clear that you are not a new player, and you know all that.I hope you won't use this name to take advantage of anyone around here. For some reason, it smells fishy... I hope I am wrong.
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