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  • "ban for what? take this as appreciation for your oppinion. What is someone would ban you just because he thinks you are just stupid? You would not really like it right? Then again... you are used with stuff like that comming from a police state."

    That's what you said. You do realize you're from an Eastern Bloc former Soviet country, don't you? Ever heard the expression the pot calling the kettle black? Besides, I'm not a US Citizen. I just live here. Cute little personal attack though. What are you, twelve years old? I think my baby cousin could have done better.

    Here's a bit of a newsflash for you. EU is not a democracy. It's a business. It's owners have a right to, and an obligation to pursue activities that are in the interest of its investors and its continued operation. Yes, that means getting rid of people who are detrimental to it and cutting their association with them.

    Sucks, but that's just life.
    Your going to Negative Rep me because you don't like the poll? Kinda silly I guess especially considering some of the post and polls you have made in the past but, whatever. "REASONABLE", by the way this is how you spell it MR. Negative Rep me. After all your silly post and polls I have read I never once gave you Neg Rep but that's cool I am an adult I can take it :)
    It's completely up to you if decide to attack me with neg reps.
    You don't seem to realize I think you're an asshole and your opinion means nothing to me.

    Have a blast :loco:
    I already told you that your persistent neg reps are not making me angry.
    Grow up you big baby.
    How about you don't negrep people for stating a viable alternative?

    I used to think you were a decent person, and lately you've turned complete ass backwards.
    I have lost all respect for you after your last post about 'helping'. Quit trying to 'help' the community, we're sick of your damned tests you keep posting, and your personality.
    Ok great. Im just going to blog and view the forrum as usual. You think I should add anything to the tutorials on my blog?
    Heh Ive been using blackhawk77g as a name for quite a while. But not my avatar name. No confusion there. I just have used it as a name on forrums and such for a long time. Dont worry no abusing the name will happen. Plus my name dosent have mod status. Sorry for the confusion
    La Multi Ani!
    Hey there,
    Im just dropping by and leaving this message to wish you the best in this time of the year :)
    I wish you a Merry Christmas, to you and all of your family,
    Have a wonderfull Christmas time, full of joy and with the ones you love the most.
    si inca o chestie...cine crezi tu ca are 500k para sa investeasca cu mare usurintza in cp?eu zic ca o sa ia un american necunoscut,care de fapt va fi ND,..sau quetesh sau death.Alt investitor e greu sa prinzi la asa suma in afara de cei trei.
    Frate eu cand stiu ca nu ma pricep la ceva stau linistit.Deci tu imi spui mie ca un om care are deja o investitie intr-o piata cu mai multi jucatori nu are voie sa mai investeasca,ceea ce e total gresit(gen base).Unde e monopolul in cazul nostru?si cu chestia cu insider asta e o prostie mare tare..oricine poate sa investeasca prin altcineva o data si a doua oara legal ND are doar un contract comercial cu MA nu o relatie de subordonare sau de prestare de servicii..asta legal.Eu zic sa stai linistit ca eu am facut legislatie comerciala ,ti-am zis ca ,cu asta ma inteleg de ce impingi discutia intr-o zona unde legislatie e stapana si subterfugiile sunt de prisos...chestiile astea ce spui tu sunt dovedite dupa ani intregi de judecata,deci un om nu are cum sa spuna sau sa ia o decizie dupa ureche.Discutia in acest domeniu este practic nesfarsita.
    Thanks for the Rep:) Glad you told me you are a new pain... Otherwise I might have mistaken you for an old one.
    Hey saw you got slammed on your post with your 14k aurli, I understand your feeling... just keep your chin up, you will get what your looking for if you keep at it.
    It seems like you were the inspiration of a lot of Blogs now mate:)
    Lets see if they have what's "required" ;)
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