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    HoF: First Tower

    Nice find, congratz :)
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    HoF: A Frustrating Day Ended with a Happy One

    Nice one, congratz :)
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    Uber: 1st visit here (thx to double bombing)

    Nice find, congratz :wtg:
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    Thank you for the +rep :)

    Thank you for the +rep :)
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    Frescoquda, Atrox and Globals Oh My!

    Good job, gratz :)
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    Project mining

    Nice runs, gratz for the lyst global :)
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    Simpes detailed mining logs.

    I wish you a tons of luck with enmats :)
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    Uber: Jag feet F UL:)

    Nice one, congratz :)
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    Achievement: All TP's!

    Nice job, keep it up ;)
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    HoF: Troxie saved the day

    Nice one, congratz :)
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    HoF: First Craftinghof

    Nice one, gz :)
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    HoF: My First Mining HOF! Plentiful (XVII) Zinc Stone

    Nice find, congratz ;)
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    Snable snot global

    Nice snable, gratz :)
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    Global rain-no profit?

    :eek: Nice job, gratz
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    Live2Die! Mining (B)Log!

    Gratz for the XVII one :yay: