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  • Happy Holidays, Cee :)

    Hey Sis,
    I have upgraded my comp and still can't get ingame...support does not appear to be of much help. I think I have not ben in since some time in Jan 09. I have several hundred dollars worth of items and an apartment I don't want to loose. I have a gold card...which makes it tricky...if it doesn't work out I was wondering if you would 'meet' me ...skype hasn't had a good showing with my comp but maybe with the upgrade...well anyway maybe we could IM somehow and you could log in and buy me some 'time' OR clean me out and collect the loot


    Hello there, long time no see... Then again I haven't been ingame much these days either. I finally received my visa last week and Jamb and I are getting ready for the big move on Nov 30th. :woohoo: Just know you are not forgotten :)
    The Beacon was rescheduled for Tomorrow.. Sunday Nov 16th 19:00 MA Hope you can make it!
    According to MA time, I'm a few hours early :ahh: But since you are in China and not Spain.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY CEE!!!! :hug: I know you are working hard covering the Olympics, but I hope you are having some fun too!! :cool:
    CEE!!!! Leo bought a 25ped Beacon to share with us!! I know it might be tough to coordinate a day/time with you... but let me know if there is a better time/day for you so we can figure out our next Soc Beacon!! :D
    CEE!!!!!!!!!!! Jamb bought a beacon for us... He's hoping to get everyone together for this weekend... Is there a better time/day for you?
    CEE!!!!!!! I hope things are going well for you! Hope to catch up with you soon :)
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