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    Skill boosts: Fact or just more BS

    Skill gain increasing buffs increase the chance of getting an increase in a skill when using a profession. The amount of skill gained each time is not increased by these buffs. This applies to all currently existing skill increase buffs.
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    Help: Mining Boxes Returned?

    Yes the mining boxes do drop again. They are sometimes found as part of the loot from a "something out of the ordinary claim". This does make them fairly rare overall since getting such claims is pretty rare to begin with. Currently they only drop on Calypso and the Asteroid but any planet that...
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    Mining Strongbox issue

    The Mining Strongboxes are only supposed to be looted through "Something out of the ordinary" finds while mining. There was an issue with them also being looted from some mobs and they will therefore no longer drop until this has been fixed.
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    Halloween Mayhem Crawls Closer!

    They use the same Classified strongbox keys as the other boxes. It is now also possible to buy just the keys without any boxes in the webshop.
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    Halloween Mayhem Crawls Closer!

    The Halloween strongbox can not be bought via webshop they are only looted. Classified strongboxes can still be bought but do not contain the same items.
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    Halloween Mayhem Crawls Closer!

    The Strongboxes do not have TT value, the 10 PED comes from the TT value of the key used. Strongboxes can be traded (but not sold on auction) and are stackable.
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    Entropia Universe 15.15.4 Release Notes

    All stackable items that have their TT changed automatically have their quantity changed to match the new TT value. For example a stack of 100 2PED items will become a stack of 200 1PED items if that items TT was changed from 2PED to 1PED. The auction UI did however not update the listed...
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    Developer Notes #14 - Loot 2.0 Update

    The efficiency stat on items are not directly tied to it's DPP. All existing items had their efficiency set based on their current DPP in order to keep their relative "economy" compared to each other in place. The IMK2 was by far the most economic/high DPP weapon in the game and therefore now...
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    Developer Notes #14 - Loot 2.0 Update

    No, there still is no personal loot pool. No, DPP and Efficiency are not the same thing. DPP affects loot composition and critical hit/damage etc affect the DPP. Efficiency directly affects average TT return by 0-7%. The amount of turnover isn't very relevant to the average return or...
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    Info: Issue regarding "Bonus shrapnel loot" in land area events

    When getting a bonus shrapnel loot in a "Highest single loot" or "Most Loot" event on a land area, the bonus part (the larger stack of shrapnel) of the loot does not count towards the event scoring. This is because the bonus loot does not come from the monster itself on the land area but from a...
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    How do LA taxes work?

    It works as mentioned a couple of times in this thread. Land areas simply take a cut based on the set tax amount from each loot from creatures spawned in the area or mining claims found in the area.
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    Return penalty for using crit buffs

    Damage enhancers do not change the efficiency of the weapon. If however you have an amplifier on your weapon with a different efficiency from your weapon, adding damage enhancers will only increase the effect of the weapon itself and not the attached amplifier. This results in more of the total...
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    Return penalty for using crit buffs

    Is the current loot calculation based predominantly on cost spent per mob or not? Yes. If the buffs decrease cost spent, does this also reduce amount of tt received? This doesn't mean of course, that the TT return % will suffer. Yes and yes, it has no effect on return %. Efficiency of the...
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    Return penalty for using crit buffs

    There is no penalty to loot return percentage from critical hits, critical hits are treated just the same as normal hits in terms of loot. The changes made with 2.0 were not intended to deal with critical hit or critical damage buffs specifically but to modernize the loot system to make it more...
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    Dissecting Loot 2.0 Statements form MA

    I think you're on to something here :lolup: