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    Omegaton Power Claw, Mentor Edition

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    Omegaton Power Claw, Mentor Edition

    TT+800 Super good for skilling. Tier is 0.19 PM me
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    Selling: DOA Strikehammer

    Tier 1.9 Open to trade offers, but PEDs or CLDs are preferred. PM me if interested!
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    Selling: DOA Strikehammer

    Great gun, easily jumping back to 30k by the time LG rolls around, get it cheap while you can! :wtg: Bump! :wtg:
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    Adj V1 vs Calypso mobs - Huntings results

    Are you really criticizing him for doing 5 less dmg/sec than you with 0.06 less eco, when he has actually invested money in a gun that he probably paid no more than 4k for when he bought it, and has by now made atleast 3x that amount in the gun's value?
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    Question: Item replacement BP ?

    I honestly don't care too much whether such an item exists, but I know that Star stated that his tango was on the line when burnsey tiered the tango up. Star coulda been messin, or the tango was a legit tier (there's two marbers in inventory).
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    Achievement: Tears or Tiers?

    I believe it maxes at 98% :(
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    Selling: Ml-35 sga - offers

    I'm waiting for a jungle SGA thread lol, but here's a bump for ya! :yay:
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    Selling: ML35ME Trade for SH

    Why wouldn't I be serious about that? Let me clarify: If SH is worth 25k, and fap69sga is worth 5k, then that means that in this hypothetical trade I'm valuing your ml35me for 20k. That's roughly twice the current price of an ML-35; a markup higher than ever for the ml35me (Back when ml35 was...
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    Selling: ML35ME Trade for SH

    Willing to trade my SH for ml35me AND fap69-sga.
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    Achievement: Burnsey Doubles Down - RJ tier 1.0

    yeah post some info about the replacement item stuff
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    Tier Upgrade Calculator for UL Items

    Hey everyone, I've created a Tier Upgrade Calculator for UL items in EU, which calculates the expected value of trying to upgrade an unlimited item to the next tier. In short, the expected value is the average gain or loss (in peds) received from a large sample of identical, independent trials...
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    Achievement: Burnsey Doubles Down - RJ tier 1.0

    Nice one Burns! :yay: Currently there are 3 weapon enhancers for the first Tier, and they can improve his DOA Rockjacker in the following ways: Weapon Accuracy Enhancer I - +20% Critical Hit Ability Weapon Range Enhancer I - +5% Range (11.55m total) Weapon Skill Modification Enhancer I - +1%...
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    That's it, I'm leaving

    I wish I could neg rep everyone in this thread lol :silly2:
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    Buying: Adj V1 (regular or SGA) in trade for Adj97+peds

    Good luck finding an affordable adj v1 mate! I almost got one, but decided against it, but for reasons that don't affect you. So.... Bump for ya! :yay: