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    Selling: Estate Deed

    1 is 1k Chikara Ai Condos, 14F 4 are 1.2k each Genesis Star Tower A, 2A Genesis Star Tower D, 10F Treasure Island Gold Building, 3D Omegaton Epsilon Complex, 2E I'm sorry but what are these if not the location and the and the appt numbers.
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    Humor Me - Tech Help

    I don't respond to tech questions in open forum it can become tedious with all the posts. If you would like this issue resolved just pm me and we can get it done asap, it is really not as complicated as you think. Before anyone responds to this post make sure you have over 24yrs experience in...
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    News: Wildlife on Calypso - Episode 3

    How about for our next episode you do a special on the Argo, sure would love to see what you could do with that... After all don't we all love them dearly?
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    Scamming Methods Exposed

    If anyone I don't know asks me for anything i simply say NO and move on. Heard a lot of hard luck bs stories from a lot of people. Still comes the same answer from me NO. = I don't get scammed.
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    Question: Mining Unamped-Towers Myth?

    Have never had a tower myself but my wife hit one a stones throw from Jason, it was unamped and it's value was 6,500ped. Personally i do think it is just the luck of the draw..
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    Info: Dont get Scammed.

    Love your work Mega... lol deserves all he got + more.
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    Makeup masks, duplicate?

    No unfortunatly this can not be done, my wife Andrina does masks and there are a few things that could make it a little more enjoyable. Like the option to save and continue later and to copy the image if someone wants a duplicate.....maybe MA could look into those options and see what could be done.
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    Rude Miners

    Get over it they will not change the way they mine....
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    Info: New Planets - A Little Info

    Bring in information technology for 25yrs and having seen and been part of many dev projects you will need more than just luck on creating your own game, personally i do think this is way beyond your capabilities unless you are ready to start learning exactly how intricate this area of dev is...
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    Where to begin?

    Have a chat with Lady Missa Saint I'm sure she will be able to give you some very good advice..
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    Bad rep for Entropia Universe :(

    I did go and have a read of the thread and posts regarding this thread. Sure there are a few valid reasons, but nothing really that warrants them to say that EU sucks. Oh and by the way they spelled sucks wrongly in green as the heading it states "this game suckes" Anyway here is my reply to...
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    Ok i'm still deciding PANIC or not to PANIC!!
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    HoF: Another stupid noob hof

    Firstly, never say sorry for getting yourself a hof. Congrats and good luck.
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    The server switch.

    So far there is no actual fact stating that we will HAVE to re-create our avs. So why worry about this now....
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    It's about time you joined up...

    It's about time you joined up...