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    Happy Birthday Taco!!!!

    Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional. [Chili Davis] Happy Birthday, kiddo! :D
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    New Great Event OLA 39 : Hunt the Atrox, Own the atrox

    Please add Dragon Dark Moon for Ultimate
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    The great reputation spreading thread

    I LOLed and clicked....24 times so far. :D Nice idea, Crone.
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    Question: Problem in Naval

    Happens to me on a XP system with 4 GB of RAM and an older nVidia (Gforce 9800) card every time. When I turn down a few things to "low" in the game settings it still lags badly and takes 10-15 seconds until I can move, but it doesn't make me crash as often. On my Windows 7 machine with 8 GB...
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    Tons to do, but bored... The air is quite nice at 4000 meters [13.500 ft] ;)
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    An Insight into Entropia Universe

    <quote>Entropia Universe is the most lucrative game you've never heard of.</quote> That's when I stopped reading. :rolleyes:
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    Entropia Universe Integrates Paypal and Zong - Gamasutra

    This is known to the forum and Facebook reading player base since July 1st.
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    Entropia Universe Integrates Paypal and Zong - Gamasutra

    The monthly deposit limit through Paypal is US$ 50. :rolleyes:
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    Achievement: After all these years, Commando!

    Congrats! :) I just hope you won't share my fate. My returns went downhill (while my deposits went uphill) ever since I unlocked Commando last summer (hunting all the same mob with the same eco gear setup as before). Good luck and HOF big!
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    Radio Arkadia Road Trip 2013 - all invited

    His cat is holding the loot. :D
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    Do you have hopes to Withdraw from game?

    Linden Dollars made (and still makes) me a nice amount of US$ over the past 9 years as a builder and content creator in SL, and nowadays I don't even need to log in more than once a month to keep business going. Withdrawing L$ to Paypal takes up to five days. EU on the other hand.... I just...
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    A tale of my return.....

    There's always an event going on when I log in. Are there any weeks/months left without an event anyway? :D Your story (almost) sounds like mine before I unlocked Commando. It went downhill ever since. Maybe time for me to learn how to use ESI. Maybe decreasing my skills will do the trick. :laugh:
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    A tale of my return.....

    That happens to me every time after a break of 1-3 months for the past 18 months. I'd deposit $50-100 when I log in again. That deposit lasts 5 days on average, hunting mid lvl mission mob with eco L guns (MU is insane lately) and often without armor. If I get a few globals or even a small HOF...
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    Why do you play Entropia Universe?

    ok ok :) let me add this.... compared to other games and virtual worlds. ;)
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    Why do you play Entropia Universe?

    Because it has an intelligent player base.