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    Jaywalker's Free Colouring and Texturing Service

    JAY YOUR CREATIONS ARE AWSOME! YOU ARE ON THE WAY TO BECOME THE BEST ARTIST ON EU I THINK :wise::wise::wise::wise::wise::wise::wise::wise::wise::wise::wise::wise:
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    Selling: Angel Arms SGA (F)

    Bump of the day
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    Why space is working and how it could work better...

    I agree with you John. Besides an implementation of space with that mindset is anyway what EU should be aiming to in my opinion, be it for space or other ingame planet features. BTW looks like your thread gets the attention of jackals. :nutkick:
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    Selling: Angel Arms SGA (F)

    bump :cool:
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    After being on EU for half a year I start to think that the main thing that EU lacks is skill based gaming. And with skill I mean real life player skills. For example hunting is just a autoaimshoot crap or even without autoaim there is nothing that makes interesting shooting something. So is not...
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    Selling: BEAR (M) set, tier 1.x

    bump for a friend
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    Eomon ping pong using ARK-30 Desert L BLP rifle, 70m range

    Ty ty Emi! This tactic you explained is incredible! You did a wonderful job helping all hunters! Do you know other tactics like the kansas city shuffle or the pikachu override? I need some explenations, having hard time to apply them when hunting. Also can you do the ping pong tactic with swords...
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    Am I the only idiot that though today was update?

    As title says
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    Warpflights on the Normandie - faster, cheaper and safer then any other form of transport ?

    Rks for 10 PEDs is kickass! :broke: :broke: :broke: :broke: :broke: :broke:
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    Selling: Angel Arms SGA (F)

    Buy it and Jay will give you a Enzo Ferrari as bonus
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    FTL and relativity

    Why can you hear the sound of explosions and shots in space? Why people that make threads like this randomly call people that answer flamers and troll?
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    Selling: Angel Arm Guards, SGA Edition (F)

    Adopt this cute angel now!
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    Warpflights on the Normandie - faster, cheaper and safer then any other form of transport ?

    John do not exagerate. You don't want to see planets start rotating around Normandie GZ
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    Selling: Angel Arm Guards, SGA Edition (F)

    :) daily bump