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  • well MA has finally reopened my account so I can now play online once they unlock it so I should be able to see ya soon or I'll pm ya if I see you online.
    ah that's ok. I decided to not play my original avatar because I feel like having a new life just like I am doing in real life. I also decided to change my name ingame. I find it more suitable and inspirational for me to keep enjoying EU as well be familiar to my friends who all know my real name.

    I made a new avatar a few days ago named Richard TheGreat Lionheart and I'll be hanging out in swamp camp. I'm gonna be on alot especially to obtain sweat and skills as often as I can.

    Last but not least I'm glad to see u are still in EU and I know we are all gonna be able to hang out and spend time and share stories both in eu and in life. Thanks for being such a great friend and most of all someone I look up to .

    until next time my friend.......


    Richard Jeffrey Isom
    hey angelo grats on ur global today . I'm online as a new player . can't get my ava out until this weekend maybe. if you wanna hit me up add me at
    thats also the name of my char. hope to see ya soon
    yo Angelo how ya been? I'm just sendin ya a message to let ya know I'll be ingame real soon :). So I hope to seeya then! Oh my new email address is : PinoyPride1984@Live.Com keep in touch!

    your friend always,

    Phantom Striker 3000

    Richard Jeffrey Isom <-- my real name ^^
    I am asking you to please consider contributing to WOF this year. No matter your skill, you CAN contribute!
    sign up thread
    rules thread
    Help America earn Her title Back from England!

    Thanks and Happy New Years! EBO
    Sorry for the late reply. Still learning the functions of the forum. Thank you for the rep and your welcome. Best of luck.
    :wave: Hey there Angelo, Just thought I'd stop in and say Hi :) I hope this message finds you well. Gratz on your 7K milestone in LWT :woohoo:
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