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  • Hey man, I am willing to make you a sig! PM me with some details on what you want man.


    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Indeed we will, indeed we will! But we can't beat your winning streak next year unless there are more matches, so I am keeping my grrr :D
    LOL!! I'm the hardest working mofo in EU! I don't even know what it is I do myself! Entertain I hope. ;) Good luck n HOF my man!
    HeeHoo Ebo,
    sorry to hear you missed me. I was online last 2 days from about 19 EU Time till about 22:00. I think tonight will be similar :painter:
    colorful Greetings and Cu soon
    Eboooooo!! :) Hehe im just a raver type of dude i guess :p Electronic Beats! You guys are doing kick ass in WOF and awesome organizing skillz with all the help you have made to the team!
    I am hoping that i voted for the correct times. I am assuming the times are MA times.
    :yay:Thanks for letting me know about this ebo. I've signed up and am polishing my weapons! Can't wait.:yay:

    <<...must kill mass quantities...>>

    p.s. I can do support if I am not chosen to be one of the honored 12
    hi there:)
    you looks so cool:),im not skilled enough for WOF ;/,but i will join next year for sure,Thanks for invited:)

    Hey - it's for the homeland, right! No problem - even added your thread to my sig!

    [EDIT] I just noticed your Iraq pics... Thanks for your service more than anything else!!!!!! :launcher:
    Thanks for stopping by Ebo! I am new and will definitely contribute however I can. I posted on the thread.
    Hi, you left a message on my page asking me to help with WOF regardless of skill. While it's true I've been in the game for a while, I was inactive for most of that due to health and family issues. I am still a disciple and I am sure this competition is far out of my league. If you still think I can help, then please PM me about it with further details about exactly what you mean by help. Maybe I would be interested. In any case thanks for asking me. I appreciate it since I don't know many people inworld.
    I don't feel like I am missing out - not at all. I expect to save quite a bit of PED and I completely enjoy the judging and other aspects.
    Great job taking the initiative on the WoF USA thread :thumbup: Not sure if I will be hunting this year; I will be quite busy behind the scenes.
    Well if u come again just PM here i will show u the camp U-3 :)
    Becose you are VISITOR we will HUNT YOU :)

    Wellcome to the BW Camp!!!
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