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  • OK, now tell me pls. Latest update messed up things so badly, not even new items were written in new items discoverd list, any yet u see some ppl selling new vehicles in auctions.
    What else can a man think but that there was another "fair" distribution taking place.
    And you -rep me for commenting the things as they seem?
    If things were explained by authorised ppl more, I even wouldnt be getting such conclusions, but since they arent, based on past experiance one cant realy think nothing else about it, dont u agree?
    U can $"%#%&$%/ with ur -reping me, rofl does it look like i care. And I will post whaterer I want, especialy when ripoffs are in question u get that?
    Or maybe u are a part of the rippofs??
    Hello. I'm doing a re-check with the team 8... Will you be available for stage 2? (27feb 22.00 MA Time)
    Big gratz!! Looks like u were only one to get a place by soloing it (check the others out on Tracker)

    jay :)
    Hey Gogo, thx for the grtz and +rep. I started globalling just after we got those tps, u left and I went back to my hunt lol. I tried to give u some +rep as well for the tp list but apparently I have to spread more around first.. grrr. Thx again for helping with the tps :)
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