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  • Hey! Just stopping by to say thanks for all the help with everything, and I will be contacting you in the future for more. Thanks again!
    Thank you =)). Oh no you found me!!! lol Don't tell anyone =P, I like to remain mysterious, it's sexy =P LOL
    Hi Sigrid, Happy Christmas :xbiggrin:
    Heyas =), doin' pretty good, been diein alot again on EU, lol but that's a good thing for me LOL. I miss chattin' with ya in legion =(, seems like we may have a shortage of beautiful ladies in legion atm, a situation I'm soon to rectify LOL. I like your IRL crafting btw, it kinda reminds me of some stuff that my sister used to wear when she was a belly dancer.
    Ye 'tis I!

    I upgraded to 50MB broadband and the new router sorted the connection but downloading through the client is well annoiyng cause it dl's to temp folder in system partition which i set up to be only big enough for OS. but my new pc is not co-operating and its taking forever longer than my ancient pc to do anything.
    Hope the gfx card takes over when the game is on! :}
    Sig! Just read your poem. I would have voted for you though!
    In my head it was to the tune of A.V.A.T.A.R well hmm kinda

    Are you up and running on new vu yet?

    I am getting no end of difficulty trying to build pc, make pc run, download client software, and now connecting to the client server. rrrrrrrrr :{
    and thank you :)
    Always good to see another face from our side of the world ;)
    Take care and hopefully see you in there sometime soon :)
    Hi Alex! Not a lot at the moment.. Yesterday I was ballistic, today I'm mischeiveous and Saturday I'll be hanging out in a cemetary on a ghost tour. Lol what a week.
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