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  • at the moment there is something around 1600 applications. LOL... the site is under attack
    Fine, well just so you know someone tried to post an application saying 'it's the new girl' hehe
    and also responding to my visitor messages has been buggy... took me a few attempts to get that last one to post.. Sorry for the delay :)
    Hey, hey hey HW!!! Why can't I read post on the apocsoc.com website?? What's Inno done to it? Why doesn't it work?? See ya tonight!
    Dude you still Rock lol. and you brought with you some heavy firepower in the forums. just like in game. lol. You make EU look good lol
    Hi stranger .. stay warm out there. ;)
    Have a fabulous holiday, sweety.
    Thanks for the long posts in my loot pool thread. you brought some damn good ideas to it. Ya know PVP i feel is unbalenced currently and may need some modifications and suggestions to make it more fun and fair. the way it is now, is no challenge to the people camping the rig. and that should change a bit, but making a good idea to fix this is gonna be a tough one.

    At any rate hopefully One of us can start a progressive disscussion on this topic.
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