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  • Thank you for the nice comments you did to me :)

    Yeah, the Cyclops Depths "travel" took me really a lot of time, I just checked I took 990 screenshots and I had to do a HARD selection to show the bests, at least the ones I prefered.
    I also did 2 videos that I did not post, and there was a 3rd schedulled for the lava area around the pyromancer, but I think I give up...
    Now about some recognition, whatever I did in this game and for this forum, I will just say that "God" do not seem to like me much, 7 years with no hof and 2 emails to their office where the answers did not really convince me, is just showing it.

    I am not from the right country, that's sure.
    Never CLD, tower, uber, special item, SGA/TEN, won event or whatever,
    but I continued to hope, and I'm now entering my 10th year.

    Thank you again MS9.
    Thanks for the rep -- you've pushed me over 5000! :yay:
    I prefer not to get into MA's development methods (or lack thereof) ;)
    Couln't rep you again and didn't know if I told you that your avi looks amazing also!
    Thanks! If you have any pull with Ed, Manticore requests that our Cyrene Operations Center is shaped like a giant defensive gun turret overlooking the city (That idea came from Menace and just cracks me up :)). LOL
    Actually, Manticore is governed by a board of directors that consists of the current president, vice presidents, and one or two founding members. While I was honored to be asked by the Soc members to push the button on the Soc term to create Manticore, Nobleone holds the distinction of being our first president and charting much of our course for the first year of operation.

    I do get to lots of the public communication in the name of Manticore though. :)
    Ha-ppy Birth-day, to yooooooouuuuu, Ha-ppy Birth-day, to yooooooouuuuu... Ha-ppy Birth-day, to MS9..... Ha-ppy Birth-day, to yooooooouuuuu!!!! Hope ya have a great day my dear, Ill be lookin for ya on the HoF list.....

    Blackjack :cowboy:
    Thank you Mindstar for supporting the Hangar Owners in our fight for justice and thank you also for your personal message of support.
    Hi again sweetie! =)

    I haven´t been in at all lately (because of all the crap going on) but we surely need to meet up soon. I´m hoping that Arkadia will bring hope to the universe again because i currently have no urge to spend any time or money ingame. =(

    I really miss the old days when i actually had fun in there! /Cry

    Tc and cya soon:ish!!
    I will work it all out Im sure :hug: Cheers for taking the time x And yes I think some things need to be looked at :)
    Aren't you the center of controversy these days!! :) Personally I think a lot of people have a stick up their a$$es poking em in the brain pan and skewing their thinking process! Anyway hope you have a fabby Christmas! I am hoping for snow!!
    Keep your chin up and f@ck all these douches!
    Well, I might wanna point out that handing out prizes based on mood has been a human tradition for several thousands of years. Had the rather side-splitting notion, how your ava was telling off a Roman emperor from down in the arena for being unprofessional. :D
    I convinced my dog to share one of his bones with you too so you have something to bite on when the frustration gets too much to handle in normal ways ;)
    We loves ya too is all shades of Purple ;)

    Its been so hard keeping it all quiet for the past 6 months or more....Just glad its all out in the open now :D
    Things are good with us, we just celebrated 2 years :) I posted a comment over on EP. Thanks for all you do!
    Dear MindStar9 > Im happy you are enjoying Daisis humor, but the humor is based on comments of screenshots from TP and revive killing of noobs..

    So think whatever you want , you deserve a - rep ;)
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