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  • Afraid not, I haven't had a chance to write any more and I got sick of being on Rocktropia with such a crap economy. My little no deposit account couldn't cope with it. Maybe I'll go back and do some more at some point but I've been focusing on getting my published book marketed and I'm about to start a second company as well as writing the content for a cyoa style iphone ap for someone else. Also almost finished my second book and working on a language for someone elses graphic novel, and still doing a fair bit for my first company Flight productions. I have no idea when I'll manage to fit it in yet. I've not forgotten it though.
    Yeah it's very difficult to please everyone all the time. I do like it a lot though. The effort you went to is very appreciated.
    Thanks for the animation by the way. Sorry I didn't say earlier. I keep getting rushed to get off the computer a bit. Also don't know if you have seen but there is now a 'I don't like animations on the front page' thread.
    I don't really have any of those no. I've not been one for taking many screenshots. mostly because I can only play on low resolution for most things. I've also not got access to the game for about another week. I'll see if I can talk to Jeffe and get him to take some screenshots of his character, I've also got some screenies of my chracter somewhere that someone took on high for me. Some of those might work for Elf if the hair colour was switched to black. How easy would that be?
    I can only put something in 420 pixels wide as it has to fit in the central news section. I'd be really grateful if you could do something though It doesn't have to be too fancy. If i've got two different pictures I can alternate between people will be able to recognise its a new part.
    Are you kidding me????? I'm from Iowa, LA (10 miles away)!!!!!! OMG.... SMALL world! You have to hook me up now!
    ahh yeah just saw your post after i wrote to you :D.

    Yeah thats true, the Vent/TS are good solutions :)
    Thanks mate, yeah got some invites also and currently in Damage Inc. Hehe yeah ofc you get more done, but for example if you hunt: You can always hit the auto mode and then chat and go back to hunt fast ;). But all people don't like to be social maybe ;). Btw, check the wof thread, i need some info from you guys (reas post 2) :)... peace
    Thank you for the words and support in my thread yesterday. To bad its locked now, but I will thank everyone personal. Hope I didn't miss to +rep anyone and I hope you the best :) / Peace, Afroman
    Notus and tukar are located at EUDORIA. Notus you find at 667 / 701 & Tukar at 856 / 727. If you can be online within 5min i can run with you :)
    hi mate, you got notus or tukar tp atleast? Dont worry about wolverine hope to for now. Easy to get with some tp jumps. important is that you got tukar or notus atleast :)
    Yeah I had to spread some rep and could only just +rep you for that last post. It happens quite a bit.
    yo, sure you got peds for stage 2? So i can count on you and add you to a group :)
    No not voting to kill my avatar though Thank you for the concern. I'm almost the polar opposite of my avatar in real life. darker hair and I wear black mostly.
    I live in sweden, but not swedish. Nvm, i will be available today at 04.00 MA time... If not we can talk about it tomorrow...
    Will be 5 o'clock in the morning here :D, but cya at akmuul then. Will try to be awake :p
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