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  • Let me know when you are ready to re-post the CYOA series and I will send you that banner (provided you can use banners wherever it gets re-hosted).
    Well, I've only ever briefly touched After Effects, but I'm willing to give learning it a shot. If I can self-teach myself enough of it to use it effectively, I'll give it a go.
    Ok, good to know. In that case, I may load up After Effects and see if I can learn enough in it to make an even niftier banner for you than I had originally planned.
    Ok, I lost the drive that I had my work on... I have the day off tomorrow, so I will just crunch it out ASAP - Since I'm not busy, I should be able to knock it out.
    Hey, just wanted to let you know that I'm finally able to start work on that new banner. Sorry that I'm just now getting to it, I've been really busy finishing up my ICND classes and going for my Cisco certification, but I just wrapped up the class on Friday and plan on taking a couple days of downtime to keep my head from exploding.
    Nope, Chippenham :) But I work in Trowbridge. Edit: OH You're ELF! Damn I totally missed that connection. Will see you at Nea's soon then I guess.
    I think you haven't seen my "joke" and "sexy" vibes there... i meant the same , go into the cave... until Fouls from young become Leaders in maturity , in other words for MANY many hours or days ;)

    Hey, you're the writer, so as long as you like it - I'm happy. Just keep up the good story telling and I'll be happy too.
    Well, you know what they say - you can't please everyone (I know, I've tried it many times too - someone is always pissed about something). Still, I'm glad you like it - maybe next time I will do a more generic one that isn't quite so animated (all the movement, fades, etc.) as sort of a compromise.
    I'm glad the graphic worked out - I wonder if people realize that really is Beechbum in the graphic! I'm just glad I found some random guy near the Zychion bar - it was perfect too, that is where the story began.
    You're welcome for the EFD, plus - I know Jeffe was just messing with me, he sent me a PM also.
    Hair color change shouldn't be too hard. If you want, I can just use Snow - same hairstyle as your avatar and all.
    Do you have:
    a good "stock photo" of either Jeffe or Beechbum in the duster?
    an avatar you think could pass for Elf? (loren maybe?)
    a group shot with several of the Irkens?

    I'm thinking a 40-60 frame animation with the same dimensions as your current banner. Keep in mind - the pictures don't need to be full body - a good bust or head shot would be fine. Just kicking around some ideas...
    Ok, I think I'll see if I can get something made for you - it may take a couple days depending on how soon I can find photoshop and/or flash.
    Seriously - how big of a banner do you need for the CYOA stuff? I think I might make an animated GIF like the ones used for the top bar - something that you could use to signify the newest chapter (just use the old one for the ones which have already closed, then people could tell the difference).
    Hey, just got that +rep message you left. I'm always glad to give input and provide some fun discussion, just keep writing the good stories and I will be happy to keep pitching in. I was going to +rep the story post, but I have to spread more rep before giving you rep again.
    Hi Marie just missed each other in Sakura :), wanted to say I enjoy your "Choose your own Calypso adventure" fiction
    Haha, I'm also the opposite of my avatar:

    Dark brown hair (not white)
    Tall (not short)
    Wear mainly black and red (not white)
    Male (not female)

    When I was in school, I made my old avatar to look like me (spike mohawk - I no longer have that, I'm an office zombie now, red and black clothes - etc.)

    But no - I'll make sure to vote not to kill your avatar if that ever comes up in the adventure.
    Hi! Got your answer! I can buy that! Maby to make a link on his disciples thred was a little to much! Im sorry for that! :_) Take care!
    Made me sad that you gave me -rep! Did not understand why? I just wanted to make people smile! Sorry if I made you or anyone else angry!
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