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  • yoyo! Hope you are ready for the weekend, I'll hopefully be on earlier as well to advertise with you :)
    I will be online in 25 minutes! I hope I see you there (even just for 10 mins?) :S :S
    :O You probs disconnected earlier, I did too 5 mins after :S Then I worked on my lab lol... I'll get the event up tomorrow! We'll figure out everything then. Took me 10 hours to write this thing :(
    lol to be honest, I was about 1 minute away from cancelling the event. can you get in game pleeeease?
    Hey! I'll be on later, I got on a bit this morning to advertise. I have a huge project due Tuesday, 2 midterms this week (one Monday and one later on), and an assignment due on Wednesday. fuuuuck
    yea ^^ ill ask around about the fap.

    Yea got him on FL, havent seen him for a few days, i told him to try "company of heroes" hasnt been onilne since then lol.
    Really? I haven't seen you on for 3 or 4 days! Haha. Oh btw, know anyone selling an adj. fap? Also, I need to chat with Mike Masters next time I'm on, I assume you have him on FL.
    Nice Pic! I see you are moving up in the art world :p

    Where are you btw! I have an awesome idea for a video we need to make... logggggggg ooonnnnnnnn

    Studying... all day. I should be on EU in ~ 1hour (for a break).

    I'm back on Calypso... didn't break even on the NI trip (probably -100 PED at least). Fuckkkk lol.

    We need another plan to implement before our other plan in January ;) Make some quick PED before then.
    Blah sitting on campus writing a lab/having a meeting for the next 2 hours. Maybe tomorrow :D
    Man, where have you been? I miss our ventures into PVP, and our long discussions at the rig lol.
    Sorry no, too late now, it's not fair on others if I let people join now. Hope to see you next year instead :)
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