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  • Thanks Oleg, as always I appreciate your contribution and positive comments when I attempt a forum quiz. :) I really was hoping for you to log in and spot the quiz because it was slow to get off the ground.
    Ye oleg, ur right, i dont even know why i bother responding, i know the sane ppl get it lol.
    Hehe, yeah i recon Oleg, its just time to move on. Im just not a guy that can play for pennies once hes played for pounds. Took me two years to grow the balls to chip out.. Gl was fun
    Thank you very much, and ... I'm hoping that sometime after Cyrene launches, that you will be inspired to either bring back your "Break Out" series for a role-playing event or two, or create something new. The community eats this stuff up and loves it, and you do an excellent job of it. Maybe we can keep the window of opportunity open.

    Cheers! :)
    Gratz Oleg on taking the top poster number thingy off me - been 3 years at the top - now your turn hehe :)
    Thank you Oleg. Mabey we can talk as well and see if we can resolve our differences as well. I am impressed with the fact that you just did that. Thank You Oleg
    here ios your message to me
    "Guess you'll be shut down soon... good riddance"
    Im still here and soon will be as cordial to you and your scam events.We also have a forum......
    Let me state for the record you came to me..Yes you came to me with an attitude when i told you my rates you insisted on being rude.Further more the fact is i told you we didnt want your business. So be accurate when you make comments. Further More I would not ever want you on our radio station.
    Have u lost your mind whos gonna shut me down, certainly not you. You have zero impact on me..I can afford evrything we do.You couldnt shut me down on your best day,And no one else either..your a laughable
    I wont, never liked homework anyway hehe

    and when will you be tiering up, and what are the materials you need? or finding it hard to find another Oleg to use for the process?
    Hey Oleg,

    Do you know if MF chips and ME is returned as an event prize, assuming the appropriate box is checked?
    Ok here goes I am waiting for the down load so thought I would drop my app for your assisstant.

    Name: Brilliam Mason Seafarer (Mason)
    RL Name: Bill
    In game Exp: Been a member for over 2yrs
    Soc: Skillin Villians (About 2 yrs)
    Reputation: Well like by almost everyone in EU
    Location: Indiana, United States
    Language: English
    Hours: Very Flexable to log on at almost any time day or night
    Gold Card: I have one and know how to change the batteries
    I have a good understanding of the EU event system and have experience as an event participant, I have assissted Oleg before in a few event nothing major very minor role.

    I believ that EU will be a very successful game providing many hours of entertainment and potential encome in the very near futer
    Dear Oleg,
    Here is Kesmek Bett Unlim test. Value of decay is 16.339 pec. Please add it in Entropedia. Thank you in advance

    Have looked at that event before but then they were too big to solo for me and I misread the rules that time, so when I get back ingame I might join in and please let me get my first ever solo hunting hof there too :)
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