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  • I'm here for purely selfish reasons .. I want to solicit votes in a VU photo contest - plain and simple - I just need help =)
    I found other openly public requests for votes, so I'ma do the same and raid the EF list for nice peoplez ! :ahh:
    I'm # 17 in this contest and would love your votes - but am not going to banish you for voting for someone else, there's a lot of awesome pics to choose from. :)
    So, pick 17 or go pick your nose ! :laugh: jk jk !
    Thanks, either way - just for reading this and putting up with my nonsense, in general. :)
    - Danielle 'your mom'-
    Hello James,

    Here is the listing of all the Paint Can you handover to me:

    TT items:
    Green TT=103.25
    Brown TT=155.05
    Viotet Cream =110.16
    Deep Cadmium =75.88
    Total TT Value =444.34

    None TT Items:
    Orange =47.69
    Yellow =3.96
    Turqoise =13.44
    Navy =2.90
    Light Green =10.98
    Dark Blue =4.20
    Brunt Umber =15.60
    Cornsilk =3.12
    Dark Mauve =1.35
    White =2.10
    Crimson =5.46
    Brigadier =1.50
    Red =1.80
    Dark Steel Blue =.30
    Total TT Value =114.40

    Total both TT value =558.74.
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