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  • lol too late - I already high fived your face ... twice !! :silly:
    the picture is here - there's been a lot of issues with pics at EF lately .. dunno why. :duh:
    have a good one, man ! :beerchug:
    Hey...game wouldnt play for me...just got black ;not responding' screen. Re-installing the whole game. Cross your fingers!
    Hey Jay...sorry about the other day....internet problems =( i didnt even realize.
    Tell Penny sorry
    Hiya Mac. Thought I'd say hello since it's been so long since we last had a good chinwag :) Still working at the pic thing, I'll post again when I can get the dadblamed thing to work. Toodles.
    Awww sweetie what a lovely thing to do, thank u so much :))))) that was a really nice surprise. In the end since I was in game and was talking to Plonker about it all I found myself helping a noob at Phoenix who was running from something as he had been sweating it. Did that for ages in the end.. tanking for him and then killing the mob when it was dry. Some others joined in so I ended up rounding up mobs and bringing them in for the sweeaters lol.. and healing all of us as they sweated. I guess I just don't like seeing ppl in trouble. And this dude didn't even ask for help so I knew he was not on the scam in any way.
    Anyway.. must hit the shower.. first day back at work after the hols.. and I'm soooooooooo tired lol. ... oh btw...hope u like the Full Metal Inc logo.
    xxxxx Silva
    I wrote quite a nasty note on that Hijacker27 guys profile. Go and have a look.....oh and he's from your end of town!
    Knotty? Well, ropes and chains have their place if both... oh, wait, naughty... yep, guilty as charged :laugh:
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