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  • yo dags för dig att börja hänga lite igen på våran socsida. www.damageincsociety.com den är på ny server nu. har lagt ner min server så du måste registrera om dig om du nu var reggad på fåran förra sida..
    Yeah im still considering it ... i don't want my set to look to end up too much like frankensteins monster so its looking a little doubtluf at the moment.
    Not sure if it has been over looked, so will post here as well... The Auction I won for LOG 14. You told me to PM you when I got back from vacation.

    :sent on the 26th Dec:
    >QUOTE=ebo-ice]>QUOTE=Lorkciee]just send me a PM when you get back from where ever and we'll set up a meeting :)


    Im back from New Mexico =)

    Let me know when/where Sir, I have your ped...[/QUOTE<

    Pinging you here in case you over looked my PM :)
    Happy New Year!
    hi I have to leave for work in 10 minutes so if you get this soon we can do the deal
    tjena uber ;)
    Tyckte du behövde lite kladd på din sida så här har du lite
    fdjosfndsfs ajf pajm aåkf af pa
    aofmaklm gnan

    du behöver inte tacka :D
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