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  • Yes i know and thanks for the -rep but after 4 years here and over 6k globals and hofs and 370k in skills with good items i feel MA only trying to fuck me so i stop to play so i have to do someting before i sell all i have and stop this game...

    So before i was a hardcore player so MA was fucking me now i am a forum whore so whay not anyway i am out so i dont care.
    hi say you online tonight.
    if you get my message, could you meet me at TIC ? I'll wait for you there !
    CHeers, M
    1st message my arse, only cos he had disabled messages being posted lol.

    "2nd post lol :beerchug:
    (Oooh, first message)
    Mandy. Hi. You are clearly very unhappy about something that happened during WoF 2008, and this makes me unhappy. Please elaborate clearly on your complaint,be it about England or about WoF Officials, either in your own "Englishman, Scotsman.." thread, here, on my own profile, or via pm. I'd love to know what's bothering you. The WoF is very important to me, as is the experience of those participating and spectating. I'd love the chance to ease your mind.
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