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  • Hey mate, tried to PM U ingame about that HOF :D But i couldnt because u appeared as Offline whole the time
    I am so sorry for that but i pm u here :)
    GRATZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UBERGRATZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DAMNGOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Btw i got a 650ped hof (in team but team member dc´d so i got it alone)
    Gunner/Bertha team on drones.. :)
    Hey mate thanks for the rep and comment :) yes thats one of my thoughts maybe own soc, see ya soon
    Hello! just sending a message as a favour...your desciple max has graduated!..he can't use forum coz i used his pc to register here and the matching i.p. address stops him regestering :( He says Hi!
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