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  • re rep; Wouldnt trust him as far as I could throw him, smelt bad to me from day one. Anyhoo, Im fine ty, and how is M.K treating you, hope all is well :)
    I heard they have quite good self defence skills...

    Thanks for the link.
    I was more thinking on "taking the photos" not making the drawing. If you like that you can also have a look to Miss Tic.
    A french girl drawing and writing poetic sentences in Paris. Great to see if you come one time there.
    Nooooo :(

    Well I will channel you as I forge my way through the tant spawn ;)
    Will also try and remember to let you know the score :)
    Be wishing us luck and I'll see you soon :yay: :wtg:
    Hah! That image reminds me of that rabbit-with-a-pancake-on-it's-head-picture. "I have no idea what you're saying so here's a picture of a dude with two cats on his head"
    what's up with that pic, optical illusion? I couldnt focus on it at all! :eek:
    Haha.. no, nothing lik that lol. Your location says Milky Beans and I know alot of people from MK as I live along the road from it. Lots of Luton based cabin crew are there. I was going to move to MK at the start of the month but some crew said the roundabouts would drive me insane. Did you get the panics? :p
    lol I say send out an open call :D I'm pretty bizzay at the moment ;) If you make it..they will come :)
    Hey=) everything ok yes, kinda tired but its normal hehe. Hope you are fine too :hug:
    No no, thank YOU. This is what I posted in one of the England forums on the subject, it won't let me use quotes here, so I've just copied it ;)

    "It was frustrating, as anyone with me in Dome 13 will tell you.
    Went up with 450 ped ammo and an empty anti grav box, returned with 330 ped ammo and an empty anti grav box LOL
    Thanks to all in there for putting up with me, spamming chat with scores and offers of storage and brews, but most of all to Misty, who let me run around fapping like an idiot so that I felt like I had something to do :ahh:"

    So TY! :ahh: :hug:
    Hey there new friend! Didn't get a chance to post a msg, only had time to accept ;) With that said, I think we need an all girls social group :laugh:
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