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  • If you are using anything below 10.3, the link changed, that's why ToU don't work. The easiest way to solve this, is uninstall what you have, remove the entropia folder in the temp folder, and download and run the installer from
    Make sure your windows is fully updated through microsft update, with all essential and optional updates.
    If it doesn't work, download directly from
    If you're using a download-accelerator, disable it (most you must remove for that). If you use mcafee or norton antivirus, it is causing problems too, remove those. With other antivirus, disable them during the download and installation of this file.
    If the download stays slow, try turning off your computer, then reset your router (or turn it off, wait 10 seconds, and turn it back on) and turn the computer back on. If it stays slow, talk with your ISP.
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