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  • Hey Jot ! Where are you ? Vacation ? Or cheating on Entropia with some other MMORPG ??? ;)

    Come back :)
    Thank you for your recent Plus Rep

    Them threads are so starting to get on my nerves now.

    All i can say is they are all Noobs for it
    hey im having some issues with getting vu. 10.0 running. I think that i have resolved the side by side error by installing the vcredits thing and the applied security update for it. when i 2x click on the entropia icon which brings me to the ToU it says that im currently off line. which is not the case at all.. Im kinda stuck here on what to do.. I just want to get to the Eu server and start the long download process. i have it downloading via-torrent but its going super slow.. and will take liek 5 days at this rate.. any ideas on what i can do or should do?
    That's fine by me, as long as you aware that your actions may have consequences and can be perceived in different ways by different people.

    I won't hold a grudge.

    2) 2)I had already mentioned to you earlier in the conversation while you were role-playing about "training in space for 5 years" that if you weren't going to be helpful that I'd file a Support case and ask MindArk directly instead. That is when Alice decided to spare me the trouble and tell me herself.

    I am perfectly prepared to drop the issue if you at least admit you were being evasive and rude.
    I'm writing this here as the thread in questions now appears to be locked...

    The saddest part about this is that rather than apologising for your attitude like an adult, you are continuing to lie.

    I only attempted to engage you in polite conversation when it was obvious that you weren't trying to help a new arrival, and I asked perfectly innocent questions. You were rude, evasive and dismissive of me. There was no need to behave that way.
    hey i have a question, check out the thread again i think you can help im putting in a pic of the error... thanks ahead of time
    no i fallowed your list to a t Down load ever thing you listed and installed it all still dose not work i still get the same side by side error
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