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  • don't have to worry about finding me anymore . My account has finally been reopened so I'll pm u as soon as I am online or I see u online :)
    lol stupid me I gave u the wrong ign . I use that char in a different game. my ign for planet calypso is Richard TheGreat Lionheart and I'll be at swampcamp often. I chose to be a newbie so I can start a new fresh life like I am doing in real life. anywho I'd like to see u again so please come see me @ swamp camp whenever u like! friends forever!
    I got my new laptop and am now online on planet calypso. but I'm not online the way I want to . come to swamp camp (sweat camp) to meet me my ign is Barrah Raiku Kumas my email is lets meet up plox
    Its gonna take me some time. I haven't decided yet on which laptop I wanna buy. I might save up more cash so I can buy a real nice and decent pc, which might take me another month or so. But I will be keeping in touch with ya k ^^ hugs n kisses

    your friend always,

    Richard Jeffrey Isom
    hey sweety I just wanted to let u know I'm coming back real soon so u better visit me and keep in touch. Oh my new email address is : PinoyPride1984@Live.Com

    your friends always,

    Phantom Striker 3000

    Richard Jeffrey Isom <-- my real name lol
    Thank you so much for the Birthday greeting. It is so tough getting old these days. Hope all is well with you
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