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  • Small world!! I was born in Moncton and lived in the area until I was 15. Was there just last year visiting family and playing at the beach. I'm in the valley now :)
    Oh I'm always happy to meet another Canadian when I'm out and about online :) Where abouts are you? And thank you for the compliment about the pics :)
    no need to worry now. I finally got my account reopened all I have to do is wait for them to unlock it and I'll be online soon. I'll try to be on as often so we can catch up on old times :)
    I decided to play as a new player cause I'm having issues getting my old account back up n running. so meanwhile I'm playing as Richard TheGreat Lionheart
    hey man I'm online but not online like I want to be. when u can come to swamp camp I'll be lookin for ya
    sup dude come holla at me when I get ingame here soon. oh my new email address is : PinoyPride1984@live.com

    your friend,

    Phantom Striker 3000

    Richard Jeffrey Isom <-- my real name lol
    Hi Dude. I would like to join Dragons Shadow. How do I go about doing this? Have you guys got a website? Or do I meet someone in-game?


    Dude, are you the new Dragons Shadow dude, dude? If so, let me know, I'm putting together an announcement. Thanks!
    i sold some, but am still about level 11...
    here is ur first visitor message :)
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