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  • nah, i think u already met them (or not : o), sheina and maria are the last recruit.not gonna recruit someone else soon, only if its good good friend of friend.cu later maybe ;)
    good to hear :), nothing special ingame apart of the nice people we got in soc, and i guess maybe the mission are the exciting stuff lately, so to sum up. GET AWAYY FROMM HERE ITS ALL DEATH, no iam joking :D. iam still in dk, moving back to france soon, its tee shirt time and skirt times already in my place, i miss that :p, going back there and bringing zylex with me this time, its the way around =)
    Hiya Man :) the hand is pretty much all better now thankfully, only pain I got is in my PED Card :/ Hope to see you in game sometime soon.
    pa ima me ali vise ne tako puno, pocela skola i to...i nemam previse peda za trosit :)) posao je dobro, kako da ne!
    hehe :**
    Hey Man :)

    Yea I'm fine, thx. - taking a break from the game at the moment. I got a problem with my wrist from using the computer too much, so my doc is making me rest. Plus, my computer isn't working so great with the new VU, and I figure there are still so many bugs for MA to work out, its a good time for a break.

    Hope things are going well for you. Hopefully my wrist will get better soon, and we can blast some Chompers to get a SGA RockJacker :)
    ni ja, srečom imam radio pa malo pjevam uz njega :D i još kiša pada... zeleni se trava, čučni Murmet, vidi ti se glava!! :))))))
    jedva čekam da idem kuči...oko 13 i onda waa wee wooo hehe
    Hi im interested in Evade Dodge Courage Bravado 5bs laser weapons tech... and I can pay with pay pal or send check or money order to save you the ped conversion. Give ma price in dollars for a ll you got. thanks - ill be happy to communicate with you via email or skype too to facilateat a good transaction Skype = dragoneygaming
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