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  • I ended up borrowing 4k from a soc mate. No interest, and I provided collateral worth 5k. the banks were wanks.
    Well Sir, what you can do for Team USA is join up on a support team for the hunts to come (March sometime). Its usually every other weekend, for 3 hour durations. WOF usually lasts over several months. If you can dedicate yourself for the tiem frame mentioned, you can contribute!

    Even better, if you help with the recruiting as well. We are trying to design the Support teams around societies/friends you already know. Logistics would be smoother, as everyone is on each others FL already and it would be better for those familiar with each other to hunt, as that usually equals more fun than hunting with strangers....

    Check some of what is written already in this post. Might help you make a better decision.

    Thx for your support
    Gratz... I just wish I was there to see it.. I am curently upgrading my comp to a Quad Core and failed to bring home th neccessary parts,... Ill log the laptop tonight. Make sure you log into vent too even if your alone cause I check that to see if anyone is online and if isee no one might not log into EU.
    Suh-weeeeeet!!! I globaled this evening and there is NO WAY it would've happened without you! Thank You!!!! You're a great mentor!!!!!!

    I took good notes for you to check.
    Hello Shereaper - Absolutely - I already have Vent and am familiar with it. However may I contact, email and apply tomorrow? I need to get off here and go to bed... I get up for work at 5:30am-6am EST. Actually, this is getting kind of long so I will email before I go to bed - I know it's a requirement anyway. Thanks for replying!! - V
    um.. i guess i fully really don't understand the proposition.. i thought you were buying TT junk for 102%? the "Medium Cell"s was ofc ment as a joke.. cause if you have 1020ped you can buy 10k cells and keep the 20ped in your pocket.. sorry for any confusion i was just having fun time in your thread.

    I do however have lots of great deals on Pixie/Goblin/Gnome armor parts.. give me a a shout if you need help outfitting some of your peeps.

    - ; )
    Hi Draco
    Sry but i couldent read ur message
    Good to hear of u again was a long time
    Take care m8
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