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  • Well, hello YOU ... nice to run into you now and then, and thank you very much for your comment, it's appreciated. I know this forum all too well, used to moderate it back in the day for over a year, and the negativity has gotten worse, but I honestly don't think it's without good reason.

    I hope all is well with you and that your experiences are good, maybe even great. :)
    I have semi come out of retirement. The controls are pretty good again. Still not as smooth as Pre VU 10. I will give this world another try and see how it goes.
    Cashed out and retired from EU as of October 25, 2009. The controls Post-VU 10 made gameplay virtually impossible for me (press spacebar to turn??). I kept my avatar's skills, but sold all of my items. Perhaps if they redo the controls to be the way they were pre-VU 10 I will return. Until then Ciao!
    HELLLLPPP. This weekend Wof USA is going up again Italy. Because of them forcing us to pick a horrible time slot (1600 MA Time). We will be short on support players. Please if you can be online and at Wolverine TP at 1530 MA Time. (That is EST 11:30 AM EST, CST 10:30 AM CST, MST 9:30 AM MST, PST 8:30 AM PST, AKST 7:30 AM AKST, HST 6:30 AM HST.) Last time we had enough people to finish hunting in a hour, and most people used 50-100 peds for there hunting. If you think you can join us on Support hunting PLEASE DO. USA needs your help!! PM me for any more details.
    sorry im such a noob on this thing, only just seen u repped me :( dont know how to rep myself so just saying thanks for now :)
    I think the game that uses the scavage/repair method on guns is far-cry . . . not sure, but will check when I see him again! ;>
    Hi there!! Gave me warm fuzzies with the friend request . . . love the photo. I miss the beach!!!! ;>
    i hope to see you in vegas, unless i have to work due to SNOW.....(I drive snow plows! for Caltrans) otherwise I'll be there.
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